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30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge (Day 5)

by on August 5, 2016

April 28th, 2016 

Hi, all of you!
How’s everything going on for y’all? This is the fifth day of this August’s 30 day challenge. I honestly didn’t think we’d get this far, and yet here we are:

Day 5: Best Canon Couple

I hope by now that you know my thoughts about the whole idea of romance in this series… in that it is almost nonexistent in terms of depth? I’m not sure, though, I guess…? Especially for the sailor scouts who are… not Sailor Moon. I mean, we do sort of get some kind of romance… especially between Mercury and that one monster-dude (which I sort of liked, because it started off as a rivalry, so it was pretty cute, especially since Ami was so ‘dense’ about him liking her, I can really relate…). However, it feels like it wasn’t as… in-depth as the other relationships we’re made to see? I had hoped to see/read more of it, but… well I’m a busy person, and time… just writing these posts… it takes awhile, all right? So… I guess I could say Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, but then I like it when the relationships are “equal”. It’s nice to see that Tuxedo Mask only had to save her a couple of times before she was the one who assumed the role of Savior and he was the “damsel in distress“. Most of the time, but it becomes so redundant. Tuxedo Mask then becomes rather… boring (?), because the moon outshines the Earth and Earth is only a prize to be won by the villains [arguably, the Silver Crystal – Sailor Moon’s is also pretty much considered a prize in the villains’ eyes, right?], and he’s sidelined a lot.

Not that I mind, because man, I rather friendship over romance, right?

will point out that I love the implications of tons of the things surrounding this couple [here is a list of tags you should check out, because they’re hilarious, but be warned: they’re sort of more a show on Tuxedo Mask – or Mamoru Chiba‘s character than the whole romance idea, like how Mamoru Chiba has a puppet of Tuxedo Mask on every single adaptation of the manga/anime. Additionally, ]. Despite the fact that I don’t like their relationship as much as a young adult that I am as a write this (then again, my iffiness about their relationship is solely based on now how much I know they were… err… “vulgarly” active in the bedroom at their young age [AT LEAST THEY ARE MONOGAMOUS RIGHT?], and about how they were totally stealing the show from the other sailor scouts in my poor, poor memory) I really like that their relationship started off really rocky [jokes on you, Darian! You’re the one who is the loser for liking her in the end, although, I guess… not so much for her buns and/or hairstyle, but for her personality, strength and passion? And noble heart?], with the two of them sort of disliking each other to a fault, but then “destiny” brought them together so often in the form of their secret identities as much as in the one of their hero alter-egos, that they eventually fell in love with each other? Sort of, of course, because man, they were drawn to each other as their alter-egos more than they were as their civilian selves [because oh my goodness, we are so drawn to mysterious dudes and dudettes and other non-binary people (?) who are mysterious, and/or look badass, right?] but then learned to like each other [I guess that’s pretty good. You don’t see your significant other as on a pedestal, which means that you see their flaws [I mean, Mamoru, you got some shady tastes in fashion (but you know what, I can’t be the judge of that, I’m not the best qualified to dress myself either)] and you love them anyway]… I really, really, really like how Mamoru heroically transforms into Tuxedo Mask in order to wake his girlfriend up [wait, did he already know, in that particular part of the manga where they weren’t as sure as to his allegiances lay [if I recall, anyway], where she lived?! IF SO, THEN HE TOTALLY ALREADY KNOWS WHO SAILOR MOON IS, RIGHT?! Or… I dunno, my memories are really not on par with that of the other fans, so take this with a fat grain of salt, will you?], so that she can save the day [the person who originally posted this on Tumblr tells the tale much better than I can, so I invite you to click on the image or click on the link here in order to know what she (or he) says about this]. This is hilarious, when you think about it, he really does know where the heroics are at [also, YES, READING WHILE WALKING LIKE A DORK, THAT’S ME, THAT’S TOTALLY ME… because I don’t like losing time not reading a good novel (he’s probably studying, I’d be reading a novel… this isn’t me anymore) so I become a public nuisance and also I have to be careful not to show the kids this is the person I am when I’m not working… because… I’m a bad influence]. I wonder if that particular scene happened in the remake of the series? Because man it’d be hilarious. I really need to catch up with it.

And then, I really like how they’ve both matured as people [I mean, I don’t think I would see Queen Serenity (Usagi) as a lazy or whiny person, and I don’t think King Endymion would be… ugh… what was he? What kind of flaw did he have? as much of a stick in the mud and insulting his allies and people he doesn’t know? As brash? As against going to the hospital? As… I don’t know… He seems calmer and more mature overall… maybe it’s the change of hair?], and then as respective rulers of their kingdom… and also as parents to Sailor MiniMoon, of course. Can I just point out about Mamoru/King Endymion‘s drastic change of wardrobe to finish this segment? This original poster is really good at providing you with the visual cues, so here you go, a link where you can marvel at how this has escaped you the same way it did to me all these years…

No, a couple I really enjoyed reading and watching was a couple that was equal [at least to my memory, all right? and man, now that I’ve expanded a little bit on the Tuxedo Mask x Sailor Moon part of today’s post, I wonder if this part will come off as more… plain… all right, deal with it], that had sass and that also had a tragic first arc they had – as well as how… that first arc tragically repeated itself in the final arc of the whole story. That’s right, you’ve probably guessed what couple I’m talking about, because I (probably) gush about them way too much to your liking:

That’s got to be… Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Those two understand each other so well [they’ve worked together since… long before the Sailor Scouts got together, right? If I recall anyway… and they love each other and respect each other through what makes the two of them different from each other. I absolutely love the sass and banter they have, from what I remember anyway. They even have this kind of relationship where it’s probably sort of fine that Sailor Uranus would go around kissing another woman, just because (then again maybe it’s just because everyone has to either protect or end up having a crush on Sailor Moon the same way that people all thirst (the second definition, right?) after Tuxedo Mask)… why not? I think I do remember the two of them being jealous? But I’m not sure… I like monogamy, guys, so that scene… I dunno, I guess it just goes to show how open they are with each other? They seem pretty exclusive overall though, so…]. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a serious fight with each other, like they’ve outgrown that part of relationships, or something?

It’s just so tragic how they believed that they’re not pure of heart enough, because of their “sins,” and, I think, how they weren’t there to protect Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion and the rest of the kingdom from Queen Beryl and her followers. Except that Sailor Uranus believed Sailor Neptune to be pure, whereas Sailor Neptune herself only believed Sailor Uranus to be pure, I think? I also remember this one moment where a villain threatens Sailor Neptune by almost killing Haruka, and when given the choice of sacrificing the world or sacrificing her partner, Michiru chose to save Haruka, because, as she explains it, a world without her lover would be a world not worth saving. It’s very nice, and man it’s so different from the other scouts, because their whole goal is really based on each other. Yeah, they’re gonna save the universe and all that – I think Uranus is much more focused on their missions? Whereas Sailor Neptune is… a little bit more selfish?

On the other hand, the tragedy of them always dying in each other’s “hands” is… really quite poignant [as a child, that particular scene in which Sailor Neptune sacrifices herself to save Haruka, only to have Haruka use the gun on herself and join Neptune in the “afterlife” in order to give Sailor Moon access to their talismans, was a scene that really stayed with me to this day. I think it also helps that I still have the VHS of the episode. In Japanese, and that I really did NOT understand anything of it except for the raw emotions of those particular scenes. Later on in this lifetime of mine, I found out that it happens yet again in their fight with Sailor Galaxia, right? And it also speaks lengths about their characters as individuals as well, that they’re willing to sacrifice their friends in order to betray the ]. Especially with how I think it’s always Sailor Neptune who dies first, or at least who’s hurt somewhat and non-responsive in her last moments, leaving Sailor Uranus to be the one speaking. It even happens in the live-action, too, because those scenes are what differentiates them from the other Senshis, I think.

I think I should leave it there, because man I’m gonna repeat myself in the next day prompts, I guarantee it.

Anyways, that’s it out of me for today, I guess.
I’ll see you all tomorrow, if I can survive!
Gif Sailor Moon Gif Sailor Moon Ponyta’s out Gif Sailor Moon 


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