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30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge (Day 27)

by on August 27, 2016

May 28th, 2016

Hello there, everybody!
How are you all doing? I hope the month of June has been treating you right! If not, well, um… seriously, the month is ALMOST done! We can do it! We’re also almost done with the Sailor Moon Challenge! So let’s start!

Day 27: Senshi you are most like

All right, well, the Quizzes part of this blog is going to hijack the 30 day challenge, I guess, haha [and frankly that’s great because… I haven’t been scheduling any Quizzes for… AWHILE…]. Because, you know, while I look up to Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Neptune, I don’t think that I’m like them at all.

If anything, I think I would be Sailor Mercury, because they portray her as more study-oriented (I’m also sort of study-oriented, even though I am not that smart {in our program, I think it’s pretty easy to graduate with honors} but then again: there are different types of Intelligences, as per Howard Gardner‘s theory, which I believe in… though…) and she’s pretty sweet (and apparently I’m “sweet”, although Bayleef could tell you otherwise) and she cares a lot about her friends [arguably, I don’t care about my friends, because I’m so very mean and evil, but my friends sometimes seem to think that I do, maybe I am just… not good…]. If we go the emo route, I could also definitely be overlooked, since, if you don’t know me much and you invade one of our gatherings, then I probably wouldn’t be talking much (unless you mention anything about the DCEU or MCU, or anything anime that I watch) and I’m pretty much invisible… or I try really hard to be. 

But I’m not sure, I could be someone else… like Sailor Moon herself. Why? Because, if you know me, the way Jirachi or Piplup or Growlithe do, I think you would know I’m pretty whiny [I just… love to complain and vent and rant a lot…]. I’m the early cowardly and very immature version of Usagi Tsukino, not the Neo Queen Serenity type… Otherwise though, the whole Messiah thing, I am not. Definitely not. If I was some kind of Chosen One destined to save the earth, good luck. The Earth is doomed (haha). Oh and I definitely don’t have her libido or lust or obsession with Tuxedo Mask. No sir. No.

On to the quizzes result portion of this post, because yep.

This first quiz on Hello Quizzy is really pretty easy to guess, but I tried to answer as honestly as I could, all right?!

Pluto Planet Power… Make-up!
Dead… Scream!

Your approach is really frightening. And you are surrounded by mystery, too.

You master the secrets of Time, Space and the Underworld, and very few people know you well. You are rather lonely and isolated, but very loyal to your duties: you really know how to protect the taboos of Time and you manage to watch over Small Lady. You are able to watch things from the distance, waiting for the right moment to act, and then you do it, no matter the costs.

However, in tough situations you were able to sacrifice yourself, for the sake of others and for the hope they were going to continue the battle! Your sacrifice was not in vain, and you knew it! Like always, you did the best you could do.

Well done, Meioh Setsuna*! * Your name translates as Solitary King of the Underworld.

It’s really cool that I get Sailor Pluto [I don’t think I’m as cool, but hey, if I can control time, I’m fine with that. Oh, I can’t go back in time and change all the embarrassing situations that have happened in my life? Dang. Why do I protect time then.
Note: I only got her at 30% though, I scored much lower for the other senshis;
– only 13% for Sailor Neptune
– 22% for Sailor Moon,
– 27% for Sailor Mercury 
– 10% for Sailor Jupiter
wow, my predictions were pretty on point?!
]! Wow!

But hey, this was a really easy to guess. Let’s see if the results are consistent from other quizzes? Here’s a quiz from Proprof. It was pretty easy to guess this one’s results too, but I promise I was as honest as possible. After all, I would have rigged my answers to get either Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Neptune, haha. Here’s my result:

You are Sailor Mercury. You are intelligent, wise, calm, and can be serious sometimes, although a little shy. You might look like a bookworm on the outside but you have wisdom, which is beyond what’s written in books. Your calculative skills is very valuable to the sailor team. Your appearance: soft-looking eyes, very nice face shape (between oval and round), and nice smile, the author of Sailor Moon once mentioned that Ami looks like Noriko Sakai, who is very pretty.

This third quiz comes to us from Zimbio. Let’s hope it’s somewhat better? Some of the answers were easy to guess, but at least it wasn’t ALL of them this time [I particularly like the superhero question, that was pretty cool]. It’s funny that they used the pictures from the Sailor Moon Crystal series, but that’s fine. In case we can’t see this image anymore, here’s the result:

You Are Sailor Mercury. You’re a quiet, smart and extremely parctical bookworm. You’re also a big tech geek who tinkers with computers to problem-solve, analyze and, ultimately, defeat the enemy. You’ve clearly got the highly intelligent thing going.

Well, I’m not sure about the highly intelligent thing, but that’s fun! That’s two results with Sailor Mercury, and one for Sailor Pluto. I want more consistency, so let’s see another quiz from Buzzfeed this time. I liked the questions for this one, because haha, Pokemon-related questions!! Here’s my result, and wow, I really should’ve specified senshi, because I got Artemis.

You’re Artemis! You are wise, patient, and sometimes very sarcastic. You are Luna’s husband in the other realm. Even though you were named after a goddess, it doesn’t really bother you much. You found and trained Sailor Venus, and you also helped guide Luna at time, though she hates to admit it. You’re charming, a teensy bit clumsy, but loyal as hell.

People, this is obviously taken from the quiz, so credits go for the creators of the quiz. 

Since I didn’t get a Sailor Senshi, let’s… think about another quiz from Playbuzz. I absolutely loved the answer: “Yeah I love you, but I don’t have the time” (this speaks to me a lot). Here’s my result:

The analysis and practicality of situations sit at the frontier, standing before the bevy of skills you posses to help in a ton of ways. You are intelligent and people always learn a lot from you, so your challenge is to find a way to pull more lessons out of the people around you. It may not make sense or add up at first, but sometimes adding a drop of the irrational can give you perspective on a situation you can’t even fathom! So just loosen up, stay studious, and you will continue to reach those goals you’ve laid out for yourself. Your shining moment is hiding just behind all the work you’ve put in and it shall be glorious!

I really haven’t done quizzes in awhile, so I’m enjoying this so much we’ll do one last one from Allthetests. Warning: There are grammatical mistakes in it, I don’t know how I bore through it all. My result:
For 50 % you are: You’re most like Raye, AKA Sailor Mars! You’re motivational and love competition! For you, Saturdays are best spent relaxing.:)
Well, I didn’t expect that one. All right, well then, there you have it. The powers of these quiz creators have answered the question for me, sort of. I’m more likely to be Sailor Mercury most of the time, but I switch to being a male cat, a Guardian of Time, and a competitive, bossy friend. Great. None of my favourite Sailor Senshis, but that’s… fine… I’m… I knew this would happen, especially since I don’t cook well and I’m not a violinist (really?! Are those the only traits you can give them?!).

imageI guess that’s about it out of me today,
My student will be coming over in an hour so I need to finish at least one 30 day Disney Challenge post,
I’ll see you all tomorrow!
Ponyta’s out 


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