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30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge (Day 29)

by on August 29, 2016

June 20th, 2016

How are y’all coming along? Hey there!
I hope your August is coming along well! The final days of vacation are coming fast for many of us? And for others… well, for others… school has already started. By this time, Leafeon has already started school and we’ll miss her plenty. It’ll be super difficult to take care of Eevee without her… but anyways, here’s the second to last post for this challenge! I hope you’ll like it?

Day 29: Senshi or Starlights?

I don’t know if we’ve talked about this before, because it’s been awhile since I even got to work on these posts (you know how difficult it is to be doing all of these posts even though I have no one who really reads through these?! And work… the two jobs, which are starting again very soon (*cries* please drag me back to a time where I could understand everything and had good grades)). Anyways, I have always quite preferred the Sailor Scouts over the Sailor Starlights.

I don’t want to say that I didn’t like them because they were, to my young mind, basically the same as Sailor Uranus, but it was how it was in my young brain [I’M EMPHASIZING THE YOUNG, I WAS YOUNG]. In my mind though, Uranus was a girl who dressed comfortably and passes as a man most of the time, but transforms into a female sailor scout. The anime messed up that part for the Starlight, I believe, if I remember well. Indeed, many of the people who watched were really disappointed that the anime (I am not sure if it was the dub or the original? but it was most probably for the dub, because… Americans), because they made these strong women into men who transform into women to fight? I’ll admit that I’m actually sort of okay with that now [because lol so that means that women are stronger so that’s why you’ll change into a woman, right? But… well… it was just that much tougher for the Americans to transform, I guess? Because of the boobs and because of the transformation sequences, so they basically just… abandoned half-way into their censorship? But also… I guess it’s a good thing, sort of? Because then it shows to us that while some people are in the bodies of a certain ‘gender’, they are… they feel like they are the other ‘gender’?], but in my young brain, it didn’t make sense. And also because, I didn’t want them to replace Sailor Uranus in my heart. She’s the most awesome okay?

Another thing I didn’t like about Sailor Starlights was the fact that Seiya was basically used to give Sailor Moon yet another suitor. I think you’ll realize by reading my blog posts for many things, that I just don’t get how overly popular someone can be with other characters (male, female, etc.). And also I’m so old-fashioned that I would rather see a monogamous relationship (I know it’s a pretty outdated idea, and also that people break up, it’s a reality, but while they’re in that relationship, aren’t they supposed to be… only seeing one person? Okay, I am not that naive. I know of ‘open-relationships’ and I think I’ve seen people who are in those, but… man we’re not Bonobo apes (although their society seem all right? They don’t go to war with each other…? But… urks for physical intimacy)). Usagi, you’ve known that Endymion/Mamoru is your ‘beloved’ since way before this season. And Seiya, stop it, you are obviously projecting your love for Princess Kakyuu onto Usagi [it’s like she’s a rebound girl, no? If that’s so, then… isn’t that… a pretty… unhealthy relationship?!]!

Stop it. Of course though, I’ll cut them some slack; I don’t remember the anime as much so I don’t remember all of the context, so steel your fingers from writing hateful comments, I’m entitled to my preferences on my blog.

You’ve probably seen by now that I’m actually somewhat okay with the Sailor Starlights, but something else I really didn’t like back then – and quite frankly, still don’t like right now – is the skimpiness of their outfit. Yep, something that superficial. It felt to me like it would have been even more difficult for them to fight with that outfit that was so revealing. I mean, with the Sailor Senshis, at least, I could believe that the fabric of their outfits can help them magically reduce some kind of impact to the hits they get. But with the Starlights, how can they survive hits when they’re wearing such skimpy outfits?! How?! Explain it to me?!

I just… well, you remember what I spoke about when I talked about not liking Sailor Galaxia much… (or maybe that’s a later post…?!) mostly, because by the time we finally came to the final arc of the series, I was tired of seeing the same kind of resolution, and the same kind of sacrifices for Sailor Moon, and the same reminder that Sailor Moon is purer than you, and that you should totally go and save her life so that, at the end of the day, she’ll always revive you.

For the sake of friendship.

…and for the sake of friendship…

Let’s talk about the Sailor Scouts. I basically grew up with them. I watched their stories unfold, I watched as they gained knowledge, gained character development, and then, as their lives to reset, I watched them make the same kinds of mistakes, because they are only the background characters when it comes to the love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask (or their human counterparts).

We see much more of these girls than we see of the Starlights [so I’m much more used to them…], and I feel like even then, they’re not enough in the spotlight due to others stealing their time of glory due to their appearance. There’s always a new sailor somewhere, and there’s always a new villain, and it’s a cycle I didn’t realize irked me before today or a few days ago, but they were a constant presence. And they were sort of the ideal friendship relationships that I think I aimed to get when I was a child (minus the sacrificing, okay?). I mean the type of dedication that it takes to be a sailor scout to help a friend out, that’s the kind of friend that I wanted to be [of course, I didn’t grow up to be like that, though, haha].

All right, that’ll have to be all out of me today!
See you all tomorrow for the final day!
Gif Sailor Moon Ponyta’s out Gif Sailor Moon


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