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30 day Digimon Challenge (Day 1)

by on November 1, 2016

November 15th, 2014

Hey there everyone,
So I was thinking, and since I found the Pokemon Challenge, I would probably do the Digimon challenge, since, I’ve openly admitted here (I did, right?) that I was always more into Digimon than I was into Pokemon (although I must say that I’m always thoroughly enjoying Pokemon Special, the manga, as well as their games), but Anime-wise, Digimon rules.

If any of you decide to do the 30 Day Digimon Challenge with me, please, link me or comment, that way I can know that there are still Digimon fans out there. [also as a side-note, please go here and participate in showing the Digimon Creators that we do want a third season of DIGIMON ADVENTURES]

All right, let’s get started:

Day 1: How old were you when you first discovered Digimon?

I think I must have been nine years old, I think. I had just moved in a new city after having moved a couple of times.

I remember being pretty very sulky, mostly because, as the eldest to the Eeveelutions, I had the most to lose whenever we moved [favourite friends, favourite teachers, etc.]. I mean, can you imagine having to move and start over more than once in different cities, and schools?

At any rate, it was a new city, new neighbourhood and we’ve always been very… introverted, so we spent much of our time indoors. Once, when we started to watch the television, we discovered this awesome show, and I insisted that we watch it (while they didn’t understand it and didn’t necessarily like the show either, the Eeveelutions still watched it with me). I have fond memories of the summers thanks to Digimon, I guess. I still very much like the storytelling and the whole concept. I figured back then that I only needed to grow up for a little bit until I could get my Digimon. I won’t tell you how disappointed I was when I didn’t receive a talking best friend Digimon, a digivice and a crest, hahaha. *sobs silently*

All right, I’m going to take my leave now!
I’ll see you tomorrow for another Digimon Challenge day!
Till then, please take good care of yourselves!
Ponyta’s out!


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