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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 3)

by on April 3, 2017

April 1rst, 2017

Hey there, dearests!
How are you all doing? This is the THIRD DAY of the challenge, and I’m panicking already, because I haven’t completely finished scheduling my day prompts! I really hope that I can somehow manage to pull these off.

Day 3: What are you most grateful for?

Holy moly, what can I say about gratefulness…?! There are so many things to be grateful for…

  • Sometimes, I’m grateful that I can wake up in the morning.
  • …and I’m not sick?
  • Sometimes, I’m grateful that I don’t have to wake up early in the morning.
  • I’m grateful that I can have food when I feel hungry.
  • I’m grateful that I’ve somehow reached a low-key financial stability in which I can afford going downtown and watch movies every month (provided I feel like it, haha).

I’m very grateful that I’ve had a fairly good upbringing, compared to how bad it could have been, given our social economic status (I’m also grateful for the economic status we were given) and the fact that we are a visible minority. I have slightly standard work ethics, I think I’ve got pretty good values, I’m almost able-bodied to do any task I set for myself, and I am pretty healthy – sort of.

Oh! One last one before we move on to another “category:” I’m extremely grateful I was born in the age between pre-Internet, and Internet. I feel like, because I’ve known an age without Internet, an age where I know what it was like, to go research in the library, in books, I have learned the value of Internet. And now, I’m completely addicted. I wonder if I can go ONE POST without mentioning how much I love the Internet.

Those are the most general stuff I think I can say, and then, there’s the more… that are more “cliche”:

All right, well, I guess I’d like to thank the people in my surroundings – I wouldn’t go the cliche route of thanking even the ones who bullied me or the ones with whom I never had or no longer have a positive relationship with, but I can’t really ignore them in the long run? It wouldn’t be honest – because these people have helped, directly or indirectly, forge the person that I am today, and even if I like to complain about my awkwardness, about my lack of communication skills, my lack of expressiveness, my paranoia, etc., those can arguably be overshadowed by… by what? …what I hope is humility? Maybe?

They helped me forge a path in the general direction that I wanted to go through…

Not only am I grateful to these people for helping me forge my identity, but I’d probably also say that I’m thankful to the more positive people in my life, just because they’ve helped me maintain a decent level of sanity.

You need to understand… Despite being an introvert, and preferring to be alone, I am surprisingly human. Humans are social animals, aren’t we? We need to interact with one another, and we need to feel a part of a society or at least a community of like-minded people.

I’m such a clingy or eccentric person, that if they can endure me for a certain amount of time, it means the world to me. It may be because I would feel like a part of a social group, even at the most minimum. It’s awesome, especially if I don’t have to level down my enthusiasm for superheroes, or for cartoons that I enjoy, even with my advanced age.

I guess it just all goes down to this: “I’m grateful to be included in anything.”

ponyta_xy_shinyI’ll see you tomorrow for the next day prompt!
Take good care of yourself!


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  1. charmanderp permalink

    AWW. I identify with some of your points (like being the generation born between the pre-internet and internet era). The last section was a complete feels train. :p

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