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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 5)

by on April 5, 2017

March 27th, 2017

Hey there, everybody!
How are you all doing?! I trust this month is starting well! It seems like it might, I have acquired my ticket for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! I’m so happy about my recent purchase, haha. I’m hoping it will be as good as the first one, even though I won’t be seeing it with Jirachi, who’d watched the first movie with me. It was our thing! Our thing! At any rate, it’s okay. Adult stuff gets in-between friends all the time. Right? Let’s… let’s just start with this day’s prompt, shall we?

Day 5: One thing you need to stop doing


I probably need to go to sleep earlier.

Here’s an overall look at my hectic schedule:
I go to Work 1 from fairly early morning (not as early as when I was a student though, mind you, but still pretty early), I’m pretty thankful that I only live at max 15 minutes by walk from my workplace, though. Then, in the evening, I have Work 2 to tend to for about 2 to 3 hours. And to conclude the day, I really only have from 9pm to 1am to myself IF Work 3 hasn’t contacted me for work. If it has, then chances are that I will be working until maybe 3am.

I remember with fondness a time when I had curfew at 8pm or 9pm, I’d already be in my cozy bed, arguing that I didn’t need sleep, that I didn’t EVEN LIKE sleeping. How I wish I could go back and just go to bed as I should.

Then, I became just so obsessed with the internet, and I love spending time online, blogging, watching videos…

…and then the cycle would start yet again, wake up, Work 1, Work 2, Work 3 (optional). Altaria, my coworker, says that I’ve been able to keep up with this hell-ish schedule for a bit because I’m still somewhat young (she needs to have a talk with my parents. I’m pretty much “expired,” to them). Frankly, I couldn’t care less about the whole “beauty sleep” concept we apparently need. We both know that I’m probably not going to survive with just this little sleep after a while. Indeed, I often find myself getting sick after a while, and my doctor (when I bother to get myself checked in anyway) often says it’s due to fatigue (and  probably a zest of malnourishment, but that’s… that’s totally a topic for another day). It’s… probably true. I have terrible self-preservation skills.

In order to maintain a better health, a healthier heart and brain, and to build up my immune system, I should probably get a better sleep schedule [mind you that I’m writing this at 2pm and I’m falling asleep]. It’s also pretty likely that my bosses will ask me to come in to work (Work 1) a lot earlier than I’m used to. For example, today, I was asked to come in 30 minutes earlier than my shift, or this Friday, where I’m going to work 1.25 hours more than I’m used to on that day. I’d be a lot more efficient if I didn’t fall asleep halfway through the day every day, even in the weekend, when I work the most, arguably.


I’m… I’m an over-thinker.

I anxiously think about things that don’t make sense to some other people… I’m called neurotic… I think I’m pretty neurotic… It’s also that… sense of control that I can’t give up. I’m learning, I’m learning, but there are certain things… I wish I could control or I wish I didn’t care as much about? I over-worry so much sometimes that it takes up an entire “free time evening of fun” and that sucks. How do normal people not overthink?

I like to think I’ve gotten better at that though, but man do I infuriate myself when I can’t.

ponyta_diamondpearl_backAll right, that’s all for today!
Sorry this was a small post!
See you all tomorrow!
Maybe it’ll be longer!


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  1. charmanderp permalink

    Sleep is definitely something you need to do more of! That’s an easier fix then the next point, soo… :p

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