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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 6)

by on April 6, 2017

March 28th, 2017

Hey Readers!
How’s our challenge coming along for y’all? I hope you’re doing well and that you’ve had a great day! Without further ado, because I’m pretty tired, let’s start today’s prompt!

Day 6: One thing you need to start doing


Right Now?

As I’ve spoken about a few posts ago, I’m supposed to be doing a bunch of stuff:

  • Preparing for the kids’ graduation, which include tasks like:
    • Preparing the kids’ graduation gifts, I really hope they’ll like it, but it takes a while to do, so I’ve been putting it off, or making some little by little.
    • Preparing the graduation slideshow, it takes a while to do…
    • Preparing the graduation pamphlets
    • Prepare a speech for graduation, because I don’t want to be tongue-tied like I was in the Christmas show
    • Graduation etc.
  • Preparing some lesson plans for the week, and preparing for next week’s theme: EASTER.
  • Go to sleep

I swear, I’ll get to completely all of these things… eventually… especially the sleep part, because it’s pretty late and I actually need to do that, if I want to go to work tomorrow.


You know I’m a procrastinator. I love that I’m such a procrastinator, but I don’t love it, mostly when the deadline approaches, and I’m not anywhere near done with my tasks.

In the later years of my life, when things will begin to settle, I would love to start – or rather, continue? – projects long abandoned because I simply had no more time, or perhaps no longer had motivation. I have several notebooks of world building for stories (revolving the same character, so basically they’re Alternative Universes of my Original Characters? Because I’m severely unoriginal that way) and storyboards for comics I’ve yet to create or continue. I have this feeling that, once I’ve accomplished such tasks, I’d probably feel extremely rewarded (even more so if I get published and perhaps one day become an okay-known writer: “Have you read this author’s book?! It’s so trashy it’s hilarious!” or something like that. That would be awesome).

Perhaps I would go and take more time to dismantle the maze of thoughts and emotions that become tangled like earphone cords over time… except it’s been 20-odd years since I’ve done that [to be fair though, I don’t think the complexity of my thoughts back when I was in elementary school was at any level of what I’ve somehow developed in high school], and I’m the most lazy person. This would take the least priority, probably, until I find something else even more important than this. Watch me be on my death bed and suddenly become more honest: “NO I NEVER LIKED THAT DRESS YOU WORE ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY,” “YES I LIKE YOU BUT MAN YOU STANK,” “I don’t like you,” “The last time you said what’s up to me was in fact several months ago, and you always have to cut our conversations short, because of reasons, but they’re valid reasons, and if I bring this up, I would feel salty and that’s the last thing I want happen. So leave me alone so I can shake off the saltiness,” “I like you,” “I miss you,” “I’m not feeling so good,” “I mentally and subconsciously keep tabs on how many times I had to initiate conversation vs how many times you’ve done it for me and I must say I’m being the most clingy so let me just retreat for a little bit and never come back ever,” “I don’t want to do this,” “I really, really, really want to do this,” “Please initiate convo,” “NO, I HATE YOU, YOUR GUTS, YOUR MANNERISMS, STAY THE F@CK AWAY FROM MY KIDS, YOU BIG CACA.”

I also should probably start “living“? Some people have been telling me that my way of living isn’t… exactly living whatsoever. And I’ll admit it’s true. I mean, I’ve said this before but I’ll probably have to say it again: I work a lot, and then, when I have some free time, to ward off my negative thoughts and my loneliness, I still keep myself busy mostly by surfing the net and being interested in buying cats or dogs as investment for my imminent future as a “Cat Lady”.

When they say that, my parents mean: “Go get yourself a boyfriend already, and start having some kind of relationship that will result in us having to help you plan marriage, give you relationship advice and then, be grandparents! WE WANT GRAND KIDS!” To them, and even to Altaria, there’s nothing better in life than to have people who love you to come home to, and even better: to have kids, because, in their minds, my “future” kids will be the ones to take care of me when I’m old, decrepit and even less willing to live than I already am at this “early” stage in my life.

When they say that, my friends mean: “Go out more (with us) and spend that money! You earn money to do what?! You can’t spend it on yourself!?” because somehow, after working for more than 12 hours per day, six days per week, I’m expected to have time and energy to go out and party and drink beer or something, and I’m not old at heart [but I really, really am?!].

But yeah, I’ve recently started to go out more and I’ve set boundaries as to how much I work per week: I no longer work past 9, for example. There’s at least one day of the week in which I can go and watch movies, which is a great hobby of mine, and a terrible thing for my wallet?! But I still very much love the new routine I’ve been given. I look forward to slowly changing that routine into something that allows me to go to sleep more while still staying on the Internet as much as I can.


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