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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 8)

by on April 8, 2017

March 21rst, 2017

How are y’all’s days coming along? I trust you’re taking care of yourselves! We’re just starting the April challenge, and I’m sincerely hoping that we’re going to be able to survive this one. The last previous ones haven’t been the most successful ones I’ve known, to be completely fair. Let’s get on with it:

Day 8: Three things you and your best friend have in common

This is tricky, because… My best friends… the ones I consider are my best friends anyway… my best friends would be… Piplup, with Jirachi, with Growlithe, with Mewtwo, and with Charmander… it’s difficult to name one of them, and it’s also extremely difficult to name three things I have with ONE of them only. So I’ll name three things that I have in common with some of them.

That’s right, I pretty much cheat all the time, haha. But this is probably better than just writing about three things I share with each and every one of them, right?

Eastern Asian entertainment

I feel like a good majority of us bonded over our love for anime or Korean dramas, or Korean pop music. Of course, we don’t even love the same genres or groups of each.

A fun story: back in high school, what made me bond with Pikachu and Growlithe wasn’t just the fact that we were all little Vietnamese girls, but a lot because of our love for mangas, which I never thought I would ever share with anyone before. I was so out of touch socially with people, haha. We used to share mangas and they broadened my manga knowledge and reading list by a lot. I used to spend my free time (hours and hours on end, really) at the library and at the local bookstore with my siblings, reading the mangas available to us, but I’d never really encountered anyone who read them before that time.

Meanwhile, for Korean DramaMewtwo and Munchlax have helped me nurture that by a lot nowadays [although I’m gonna say: they know that I start to watch a drama, but it really depends on what’s happening to me during that day or that period of the year, because it is very difficult for me to finish a drama], but it was led to me by my affection for Korean pop music, which Jirachi also helped with [she was much more into it than me though, she danced, she sung, she even learned Korean! She’s awesome]! Some Korean pop celebrities star in Korean dramas, and I was curious as to what those were like – were they like the Vietnamese dramas I used to watch with my parents? Or… it wasn’t the same… most of the time: it’s better…


MewtwoMunchlaxCharmander and I play these Hidden Object Games together sometimes. It would be in school, back when we had so much more free time than we do now (for different reasons, but mostly LIFE and ADULTHOOD is leading us away from there), or it would be online, where we would Google Hang while playing the same game, as I’ve mentioned before here, if not on my review blog [shameless plug].

Recently, back in October 2016, I’ve gotten Dexter, and thanks to him, I’ve been casually playing games such as Pokemon, which is a franchise Charmander and Gengar love to play. The first official game I’ve played of Pokemon is Pokemon X, but I didn’t finish that one. At the time of writing this, I’m ALMOST done with Pokemon Moon, I’m at the Elite Four’s threshold? And my progress in that game has basically just gone stagnant, mostly because I grew nervous, that I didn’t spend enough time with all the Pokemon I’ve acquired, and how I shouldn’t do favoritism! I’ve also recently gotten into Kirby, and soon, I’ll get into Professor Layton and other games, as suggested by both Gengar and Growlithe. I’ve been thinking about playing so many games in the recent years as I tried to restrain myself from buying the video game console…


And by art, I’m cheating as well, and I’m meaning a lot of types of art.

In visual arts, I share a lot of collaborative pretty much totally discontinued webcomics with plenty of my friends, who are sincerely great artists [check them out when you can! They are amazing, seriously]. I have the Quest for the Legendary Mewtwo with Munchlax, the Incompetent Lovers project (or Incolo project, for short) with Mewtwo and Charmander, I have CanonD with Kiwiful, and Velpia with GrowlitheJirachi is also a great artist with whom I had a webcomic planned, but it also never got past the story-board phase. FOR NOW… 

In terms of musical artsJirachi, Growlithe and I are musicians. Jirachi and I are pianists, and I’m pretty sure Growlithe had piano as well as guitar back in the day.

As for literary arts, I like to think of myself as an avid reader of novels, although lately I’ve only had time to read the children albums here and there. In my defense, my reading tablet, Andrea, has been pretty much out of commission since last year, and it’s been pretty difficult to open a novel or even finish one without her. I share this with Mewtwo and Charmander, who also read a lot of novels – although our literary genres don’t always overlap. As for writing, RapidashCharmander and Mewtwo are great writers and I share only the second word in common with them, haha. If you ever have the chance to read their work, I would strongly recommend it!

All right, I’m pretty sure my friends and I share a lot more than just that in common, but…
That’s all out of me for today!
See you all tomorrow!
ponyta_md ponyta_md Ponyout! ponyta_md ponyta_md 


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  1. charmanderp permalink

    Wow, look at you! So many bffs! 😉 I’m glad you have so many things in common with your friends

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