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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 9)

by on April 9, 2017

March 28th, 2017

How are you all doing on this fine, fine day? So, are we really already at the ninth day?! And am I really still going?! I don’t know what’s keeping me up to do this, but here goes nothing with today’s prompt:

Day 9: Your life story in five sentences

Gasp. How can I fit these into ONLY FIVE SENTENCES?! What is our definition of SENTENCES, at this point?! Do we count sentences as only the ones who actually have a subject and a verb? Or do we count anything that begins with a capital letter, and finishes with a period (or an exclamation point, or an interrogation point?)! 

All right, all right, I do know what I’m sort of talking about… 

Okay, okay, here’s my first shot:

Once upon a time, there lived a girl sheltered from the world by her parents, who worked very hard to earn the buck they needed to sustain their large family. One day, on the cusp of her teenage years, she became acquainted with her first love, and since then, she hasn’t been able to move on from it.

The internet.

Down the hauntingly beautiful rabbit hole she went with that, spinning through fandoms and obsessing over intangible things. Of course, her love for the Internet only equaled her love for one another thing she discovered early on: money, and that greed could only grow and grow stronger still as she evolved into a would-be functional member of the society she was brought up in. 

And just because I’m a meanie and a cheater, here’s a second one:

There came to be in the History of Curses, one that would affect all it met in the strangest of ways: it would create toxic relationships and would mess up everything it touches. As it arises through the ashes of failed friendships, it leeches onto yet another, only to feel too inferior to pursue, and promptly moves on, like a parasite, latching itself onto yet another prey. It is a walking contradiction: it hates the idea of romance, but loves it very much in other media, in other people; it hates the hugs, but melts inside when children deign to give it the time of the day, but most of all, it preaches about the benefits of communication, but does not communicate. The malediction, some would then say in light of more observations, could be punishing itself more than it does others, but no one can be certain of this. Thriving on the Internet, and on the ideals it set itself on, it could seem to the green eye that it does have interest in the development of society moving forward, but looks, looks can be deceiving. 

I’m fairly certain I answered this prompt incorrectly, and I’m also quite aware that my love for the Internet is the most repetitive thing you can take from this post, and also, from my other posts, since I can’t seem to spend one single day without praising its glory and how well it has served me throughout the years. If someone were to have to torture information out of me, they would probably resort to restrain me from using the Internet, and I’d probably spill the beans on tons of secrets I’ve accumulated throughout the years [I’ll probably regret letting this out on the Internet, but then again I know that I’m a well of secrets, for the fact that I can’t even recall any of them with exactitude anyway, even with the motivation of seeing my Darling Internet again].

No one or no thing (probably maybe pets. Pets could probably do the trick) will be able to dethrone this from my heart.


That’s all out of me today!
I’ll see you all tomorrow!
Take care!
ponyta_mdponyta_md Ponyta’s out! ponyta_mdponyta_md


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  1. when I scrolled down the first time I was seriously questioning how you could *possibly* make this post longer than it should be lol 😛

  2. So creative!! (i love the first one!)

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