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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 10)

by on April 10, 2017

March 19th, 2017

Hey there, y’all!
How’s it going? We’re already in the fourth month of 2017! That’s like… 4/12… so 1/3! We have one third of the year down already (sort of only, because we didn’t finish the month of April yet). At any rate, I hope y’all are doing well! Let’s start this prompt:

Day 10: A place you have never visited

A place I’ve never visited… I wonder if we should assume that this is a place I will eventually visit one of these days, or if it’s a place I wish I could go, or if it’s a place I will NEVER go to.

Places I will eventually maybe visit one day and I wish to go

I’ve never been to Japan, for one, though I would love to go one of these days. It’s not just because I enjoy the land of anime and mangas, although that was sort of what prompted me to get into a Japanese language 101 class awhile ago. It’s also because the culture is so awesome [of course, it’s from what I’ve seen in anime and mangas and read about, and learned in class, so my views are pretty biased as a foreigner, I don’t know how bad it could be out there, but Jolteon went over there a couple of times last year and she loved it! I think she’s planning to go back yet again some time soon] and because it seems like a great place overall. I watched this documentary about how they educate the young children and it was so awesome [the younger ones being taught by the older ones, it just shows such good responsibilities? I would absolutely love to try and implement that kind of philosophy of education into my classroom], and their respect for the elderly and for the environment are equally awesome! I’ll also admit that the islands full of different kinds of animals [rabbits, foxes, cats… seriously, how can a place be so cool?!] are just… very interesting, I’d love to go visit!

I’ve also never been to South Korea, land of K-pop idols, stars and K-dramas that I love. Actually, technically I was in the airport of Seoul on my way to Vietnam, does that count [I’m gonna guess not, since the airport is sort of International grounds? and I think I was only there for a few hours, but man was it so clean from the other airports I’d ever been to!!??!!]? I’d love to go there and visit and stalk my favourite kpop stars and kdrama actors. The culture in South Korea, as seen in dramas, is also very interesting to me and I’d love to go just to explore more of the places and History.

Place I dream to go to

Greece, for sure. Land of the Greek Mythology I loved reading as a child – and still read about nowadays from time to time as well. I’d spend all my time visiting the museums, and other myth-related places, because that’s how much of a fanatic I am… I’d want to go to the ruins, I’d even brave the scorching sun for it, despite the fact that I hate the heat, and that I hate the idea of tanning.

I think that for now, that’s about it?ponyta_rumble_world
I’ll see you all tomorrow!
Take care!


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