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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 11)

by on April 11, 2017

March 30th, 2017

Hey, my dear Readers,
How is the month of April coming along for you? I hope you’re doing well, and if it’s not, my friends, tomorrow is another day. Take your time, take a deep breath, maybe another one, and another one, and then, attack your problems one at a time, step by step. You’ll get your stuff done in no time, I’m confident in your capabilities!

Speaking of capabilities, will I be able to schedule this for before the day ends? I don’t know but here’s today’s prompt:

Day 11: How important is fame?

Before I answer, it’s important for me to mention that I’m by no means an important person? I’ve never been some kind of Queen Bee in high school, nor in college, and even less so in all of my years at the University. So fame? I have never lived through it, but I sort of see its appeal? Let’s see…

I want to answer…

Not important at all, unless you are a celebrity of something like that, in which case, I’d say that fame is probably important? Or when you want to make a change in this world, or you need to have people turn their attention to you for some kind of reason, it’s probably important?

But seriously, who needs the pressure, to be honest? You’re constantly scrutinized by society, your every move is taken into consideration and reported by social media – or media in particular. They could harass you, and blame you when you start snapping at them, they begin to objectify you, they come to believe that you should be nice and polite on-screen as much as you should be off-screen, you rarely have time for yourself, everything you do outside of work can be done to promote what society should see you as [Hollywood and stuff probably don’t work like this, I just take this from what I’ve seen, and I have a very skewed point of view when it comes to fame, I guess?]…

In some cases, you become an idol to the children! People want to become more like you, and you gotta be a good role model! Some people don’t want to become good role models? Because technically, you need to be yourself and you don’t really want all that pressure on you, right?

I feel like I would most probably not want to be anything else than a good role model. And then the pressure would probably get to me and I’d go into those mental breakdowns that would be covered massively by media, because apparently, only negative things can ever be publicized and milked by the media [again, mind you that I’ve got biased point of view].

…but then we’ve got to be honest…

Fame could get you to so many places? Some people don’t care about whether or not you’re spoiled by your reputation? But you could use your fame to do so many things!

You could raise awareness for the causes that you are most passionate about! Since the younger children care about you and your character, obviously, you can make use of that to create awareness and to help these people who are more in need, out. You can make someone’s day just by being present, and by showing to them that you care [although to be completely fair, I’m not a famous person per say, but whenever I do show up at the hospital, the patients tend to be super happy that they can even get any kind of attention and care from you]!

By being sort of famous, maybe you get more income [$_$], which you can spend on said causes that you’re advocating for [or on yourself, but seriously, why would you keep all that money for yourself and not for your loved ones or for a good charity? Gotta give back to the community, y’all!]. Not only that, but if you’re a minority (in terms, perhaps, of your orientation, or visible minority, or any kind), you can potentially become a positive model for kids everywhere! Growing up, I’ve rarely seen any good and diversified characters that were Asian American, and who could’ve lived through the same things I did. I’m certain that I’m not the only one who grew up lacking this. Of course, our society has grown to become better at these, things, but I want more!

Fame can attract so many people, and truthfully, I’m not unlike everyone else? I’m realistic enough to know that I’m probably not fit for it though, and since I don’t welcome attention being brought upon my person, and I take criticism and compliments pretty negatively, I don’t think I’d be a good famous person…? Although, if someone were to say I was famous, it’d probably more be in terms of being infamous… for being too lazy to cook, for example.

ponyta_md2_artI’m going to end my rant there,
Because that’s about it?
See you tomorrow!


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