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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 12)

by on April 12, 2017

March 18th, 2017

Good morning/afternoon/evening, dear readers!
How is the month of April treating you all? I hope

Day 12: What is a “perfect” day?

I feel like this one is somewhat easy to answer, so this post might be somewhat short? A perfect day can be so many events happening at once, or one of these events, I believe:

A perfect day involves me getting some sleep, first and foremost, in order to get enough rest to vanquish the demons of the day. This clause affects me particularly today, as I’m writing this, in the light of finishing to proofread Bulbasaur‘s thesis project, still in the midst of preparing for the children’s graduation ceremony, as well as juggling two full-time work jobs at the same time. Time for myself, just to play games, or just to rest my brain, would be great in general.

A perfect day can be me being productive; writing reviews of what I’ve been meaning to write, but never had the time to, because of procrastination and work. There’s simply not enough time in the day for me to complete all the tasks I’d like to do before going to bed. It can, realistically, just be the feel of being productive, but having completed only one or two tough tasks, too.

A perfect day can also be me feeling like I’ve made someone happier. This mostly happens on Sundays when I do some volunteering at the hospital, but it also makes me feel great when I just help out people in general. Of course, I don’t want to abuse of that cheesiness either: When they come back to ask me for help, because they somehow see me as a helpful person, and continuously only seek out my help, simply because they know I can’t say ‘no,’ then it just makes me sad, grumpy and overall… I’d feel used. I don’t like to receive compensation for my precious time I’ve wasted on your help requests, but I don’t like it either when you take that as an invitation to nag me about helping you out for the remainder of your life, because you can’t put in the effort to learn by yourself what I’ve spent my whole life perfecting, by myself. It just sucks so much when you feel like these pseudo-friends rarely ever talk to you ever, but when they know you can be useful to them, all they do is ask you to help them out. Granted, “that’s what friends are for,” but would it kill you to care about how busy I can be before adding on to the list of things I need to complete for one day? Or at least to ask about how it’s been… or something? 

I’ll stop ranting now and leave on that note,
Because it’s pretty late here and I need to wake up early tomorrow
I’ll see you all, also tomorrow!
Be good!
ponyta_back_gbcponyta_back_gbcPonyta’s Out ponyta_back_gbcponyta_back_gbc 


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  1. No surprises there 🙂
    I hope a day off comes soon enough for you some day ^^

    And I totally agree with the last part (when people contact you only for help) it hurts when I come to realize that..

    • Yep, it’s the curse of being too awesome for people to NOT miss an opportunity to abuse of your helpful nature

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