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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 13)

by on April 13, 2017

April 1rst, 2017

How’s it going? I hope that you didn’t get April Fooled?! I didn’t get much of anything today, except once, when I’m almost pretty sure that one kid of the neighbourhood may have rang the doorbell, causing Eevee to bark viciously at them? But… otherwise, since I didn’t see them giggle or laugh, I guess it may not have been a prank. It’s a great thing that we didn’t get pranked, haha.

Day 13: How do you make decisions?

There are so many ways of making decisions! I am UNDECIDED as to how I will enumerate these to you (because I can’t possibly choose which ones to showcase! See what I did there?).


I’m a person with horrible communication skills, and I hoard my negative emotions until one day, they explode (I’m pretty sure you already know that). Like a healthy person, sometimes, some of my decision-making skills follow the same kind of formula as my negative emotions.

First, I am placed in a decision-making situation, I feel uncomfortable with it, and I may try to get out of the responsibility to take a decision (I’m not the most responsible person in the world, mainly for this reason, I find). I give myself some time to think about the decision to make, or I just ignore the decision altogether, hoping that if I let it sit long enough, the decision will just come to me [like I said, not the most responsible person]. That, or, I spend so much time researching on the best course of action, that I end up fed up with the wait, and, without much deliberate consideration, I make what often feels to me like a split-second decision.

Sometimes, I end up regretting the decision, sometimes, I’m very grateful that I’ve taken that instinct and gone with that option. The problem with this method is, of course, the time it takes to make the decision, and how, often times, this is pretty… irresponsible, because you just hope things work out for the best, and aren’t as active to the decision.


Are we important enough that we would be the only ones faced with this particular situation?!


Or that’s what I like to believe, and also because I love the Internet so much… which is why I like spending some time to research in order to build a case of arguments here and there to make sure that my instincts are good – or bad. Of course, I need to be pretty smart about what I use as sources?

You can’t always trust what you read on the Internet, kids!!

Don’t be num-nums.

Pros and Cons

Once my researching is done, and I’ve accumulated many arguments for and against a decision, I tabulate those into a list of pros and cons. Sometimes, I don’t even wait until I’ve made research; I already have a list of my own arguments.

Sometimes, writing it down or seeing things in a clear table can really help sort out your ideas. You can see whether or not your arguments for something are valid, or not, and then, decide accordingly. Mind you that sometimes, a lot of these pros and cons lists are long and tedious to make, especially when you’ve had to go through the research, which is why I wouldn’t say that I do it all the time either.

ponyta_goldsilver_back_shinyAll right, well that’s all out of my decision-making process!
What are yours?
See you all tomorrow! Be good!


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