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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 15)

by on April 15, 2017

March 27th, 2017

Well, HALLO THERE, Stranger(s)!
How are you all doing? Today marks yet another day in the challenge that is the April Journal challenge! We’re half way through with the month! I hope it’s treating us all well! Also… if I’m not mistaken, it’s EASTER! So that means that even if it’s not treating you that well, you can at least rest because it should be a holiday?! Or at least long weekend! I know what I’m probably gonna do during that time: sleep.


MOVING ON with today’s prompt:

Day 15: 10 things you should always have

Do you mean “you” as in “me” as a person? Or “you” as in “what think anyone should always have”?

Because if it’s the latter, I am really not quite sure… I’d have to generalize it to everyone? It’d probably have to be something along the lines of:

  1. You should probably always have a piece of identification with you, but safely put somewhere, so that you don’t catch pickpockets’ fancy.
  2. You should have knowledge on how to self-defend, because I know I don’t, so you should probably step in and defend yourself while I make a run for it.
  3. You should always have common sense, because, wow, if no one had that in society, it’d be pure anarchy! CHAOS IN THE STREETS EVERYWHERE!
  4. …probably knowledge… in general? General knowledge? Or… smarts? I’m not sure if it’s different from common sense, in your mind, but then I think about Vaporeon and then it makes sense
  5.  You should probably always have food
  6. and water?! Who would survive without it? Unless you can charm your way into getting anything you need in order to survive?
  7. …which leads me to: you should probably always have some kind of charm maybe? Or tact would be a better word? Be a good human being, and people will surely reciprocate?
  8. …or maybe just currency/money, that way you can acquire food, water, but then again you’d need to self-defend if someone tries to steal from you…
  9. Pen
  10. and paper! Because you never know if you run out of juice on your smart device and you need to write stuff down, or something!

And then, as I’m writing these, I realize: IN WHAT CONTEXT?! Are we talking about in every day life situations?! Or are we talking about a “survival kit” of sorts. Things you should always have around in case you find yourself being kidnapped, or thrown into a sudden Hidden Object Game situation?! Because if it’s the latter:

  1. Flashlight, you never know when you’ll be needing those to see in the dark.
  2. Batteries, probably because you need some for the flashlights, and probably also for other devices that can be used. You know how some of those games have other devices that are ALWAYS out of
  3. Something to defend yourself with and maybe cut cords and stuff: maybe a swiss knife?
  4. Easy tools: screwdriver, hammer, lock picks [Hidden Object Games have totally taught me how to handle a lock?!]…
  5. Water canteen, you need water to survive!
  6. First Aid Kit, you never know when you can come to help someone!
  7. Electric Tape, you know these games will always have wires and some of those will be somehow cut and you’ll need to repair it because it works in the games and I have no idea if it does in real life because I’m not a real person.
  8. Small broom, you never know, it could still be used as a weapon, or maybe just to clean up the trash in the Hidden Object Boards, because you want to rage quit.
  9. Whistle, maybe you need to get someone’s attention really quickly, or you need to signal to someone, or you just want to incapacitate someone?
  10. Smartphone, because you could have the Internet! And you can solve puzzles EVEN FASTER! Because you would cheat!

Meanwhile, for me, I guess that I would probably choose these things… As in, I need these “things”:

  1. Writing/Drawing equipment. What? If I get stranded on an island, I will be needing entertainment! It’s nourishment for my soul. Also, because I don’t think I’d have electricity or charged devices for very long, so I’d need to be able to entertain myself otherwise […notice how I’m not even thinking about my survival on the island first?].
  2. Charged devices, because I have Dexter, Andrea, Nessie, and Hiba, that I need sometimes in order to keep myself sane during the day, because they can connect to:
  3. Internet/electricity, and all my chargers for all my devices. Put me in a place without Internet, and I’m going to be miserable for awhile until I can get over it (note: I’ll probably never get over it, that’s how bad my addiction to the Internet is).
  4. Food and Water, just like the other one, I probably wouldn’t be able to survive without those? Or perhaps, in the case of being stranded on an island, I could go for: Knowledge of how to acquire, prepare and cook food.
  5. …probably a place I call home? Or at least the knowledge of how to build one, in the case of being stranded on a deserted island.
  6. Washroom and soap, because dang, you need to have these kinds of necessities!
  7. Clothes, and scarves? We need clothes, no? Because you need to be warm and us humans are born with… no fur?
  8. Friends? We’re social creatures, alright? Or at least, I like to think I am. I need my friends. But then I can interact with them if I’m on the Internet, so I don’t feel that bad? [friends aren’t things though, and I don’t own them]
  9. Pets. Arguably, a pet is your friend, so technically this can go in the other category? But I’m running out of things to write here, so pets it is. I feel like, being stranded on a deserted island, alone, without Internet, I would probably go crazy. So I’d need to forge some kind of friendship with an animal? Maybe a dog, that way we can hunt together – I don’t even know what we’d eat, because I lack the knowledge to acquire food, and also I lack the ability to almost willingly eat meat.
  10. Books. Last but not least, another type of entertainment: books. I’m not sure how books would survive on an island, exactly, especially if it’s humid or when it rains, and if there’s nothing to help preserve them [I mean, I don’t even have the knowledge to build a home? and how would I shelter these books from the rain?!], but I’m sure I would love the entertainment!

I’m not sure why suddenly I decided that I was going to be stranded on an island?
But that’s all for today, folks,
Those were ten “things” I probably couldn’t survive without!
What are yours?
See y’all tomorrow!
Don’t get stranded on an island in the meantime!
ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_backf2 ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_backf2 Ponyout! ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_backf2 ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_backf2 


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