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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 16)

by on April 16, 2017

March 28th, 2017

Hey there, y’all!
How’s it coming along? I hope we’re having a good April, because it seems, from what I’m seeing here on my weather app, there may still be snow in our ‘first’ month of Spring…?! So let’s hope that, by now, there won’t be any more snow!

Day 16: The word that you overuse

There are so many words I use way too much… let’s see if I can remember all of them? I am extremely certain that you people who know me will find a bunch of words that I haven’t named here, just because I can’t think of all of them, all right? I have a horrible memory!


If I ever were to publish my writing one of these days (it’s never going to happen), my readers would definitely be able to find words that I use way too often. Here are some that I’ve used, either from my own observations, or Charmander‘s:

  • Interlocutor” (it’s a real word, but one that I use mostly in French, and that I keep using in English as well),
  • Umpteenth” (it’s a pretty word that basically means: “it’s been a LONG time, and the repetition has been going on for so long that I’m too lazy to count”)
  • Literally” [well, I crafted this one character who just loved to use the word “literally” here and there in sentences]


Meanwhile, among the words I use the most verbally, I think there are two categories: the common words I can’t stop using, and the… “swear words.” I have a better time communicating in writing – because I have access to the thesaurus, and the dictionary, but mind you that I’m really not that good in writing either, as you know from reading these blog posts on this blog?! – than I do verbally. I can get flustered or my thoughts all jumble up in my head, and I don’t make any sense when I talk. Because of this, I often need scenarios, as in a series of lines, or set sentences that I know what to say when I actually don’t know what to say.

Good examples of my set lines: “How do you do?” or “Thank you” or “You too“. This is why, sometimes, when someone just says: “Thanks, you too,” I will sometimes automatically say: “You too,” because I wasn’t expecting them to go through some other scenario. And then, I become even more flustered and want to leave as quickly as possible.

If one were to list up the most commonly used words I seem to use the most [because they can encompass a lot of meaning that I believe others would understand – or maybe it’s just me, I mean, I’m a pretty bad communicator], and categorize them, I guess one would come to such classification:

  • Useless words in a conversation to take up space in a conversation, or to give you time to think about your next idea: “Like,” and its French equivalent: “Genre” or “Comme“.
  • The equivalents to: “Ok,” or “c’est correct” or “It’s fine,” “lol,” in order to signify that it is fine or that I will take care of it, or that I’ve understood the message (or that I’m actually laughing, I don’t think it’s considered a word, it’s more like an abbreviation, but I’ll count it as one for today, ’cause I’m a cheater).
  • Or adjectives such as: “Cool,” “Cute,” “Awesome,” because apparently, when I speak, I have no idea there are other words I can use.
  • etc.

With the “swearing,” that I can’t stop uttering once in a while, even in the presence of the kids, are:

  • “Holy moly”
  • “MOTHER-“
  • “Son of a gun” (this one I don’t do at my place of work, thank goodness, I try to restrain myself)
  • “Shnitzel” (I almost don’t say this one anymore…!)
  • “Silly billy” [I don’t think this one counts as swearing? But I’ll include it in this list because I’ve no idea where else I could possibly categorize it without making this post longer than it already is]
    • Fun anecdote: The kids kept hearing me say this, and when they asked about it, or said: “my name’s not Billy!” I would explain that it’s an expression! Last week, as I was being ridiculous and being ironic, as always, one of the kids said: “You’re such a silly Billy!” I gasped out loud the moment I heard it. They. Are. Learning. [and I’m still trying to figure out if that was a good thing or a bad thing, I mean, it’s not like I’m saying something bad… or that they’re going to grow up, thinking that anyone named “Billy” is automatically silly… are they… HM]
  • “Caca” or “Caca mou” [I’ve no excuse, it’s the most ground-shattering insult I can think of when I’m mad at someone or when I’m trying to think of an insult]

All righties, that’s all I got for today!
See you all tomorrow!
ponyta_icon_action ponyta_icon_action ponyta_icon_action Ponyta’s out ponyta_icon_actionponyta_icon_action ponyta_icon_action 


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