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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 17)

by on April 17, 2017

April 7th, 2017 

Hey there, everybody!
We’re more than half-way through the month! How’s it going? I trust that by now the snow will have completely receded (HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO WRITE THIS UNTIL IT BECOME TRUE, I WONDER!) and I trust that you’ll have a lovely rest of the month! On to today’s post, now:

Day 17: A pun

GASP! Did you know that there’s an entire tag dedicated to puns on my Tumblr account [yes, yes, you’re right: that’s a shameless plug, right there]?

There are tons of great puns over there. I am really not that good to think of puns myself, and I find that it works best when you’re in the situation, and in that particular moment, when it works, it works? For example:

A pharmacist is basically just an educated drug dealer.

This is an example of the understanding of what a pharmacist really does, and what a drug dealer is, and the duality between drugs and medication?

So am I supposed to be choosing a good pun or am I supposed to create one on the spot? Because that last one is basically impossible for me, just because I need to be within the moment and I’m sadly out of brain cells to use on pun-ing [also because man, I’m not funny enough to think about good jokes like that].

Other puns can present themselves within the answer of a joke, and those are so hilarious sometimes that I can’t stop laughing? I love it when that happens.

I absolutely love puns so much, just because they’re so clever. And so, my mind automatically classifies people who are able to make me laugh with puns, as very much clever – of course, provided that I actually understand the puns.

Indeed, if I don’t understand the pun, how do I react properly to it?!

Eel: “Hey Eagle, do you know why we can’t team up?” Eagle: “No why?” Eel: “Because it’d be Eel-Eagle!” Eel: *snickers* Eagle: SHOCK

So then, there’s a certain delicacy joking around with puns, I find: you need your joke to be understandable to your target audience [if you’re talking to a kid, you’re likely not going to go all technical jargon on them unless they’ve had prior knowledge and understanding of the context and words that are coming out of your mouth]…

I’d tell you a chemistry joke, but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction. Source.

See? This joke works awesome if you know that you study a lot of chemical reactions in chemistry? Sort of? I mean the science is a lot more difficult, but having studied “RXN” and stuff, but then leaving these very specific science studies for my current domain of expertise means that I am a lot less able to vulgarize what reactions are. I’m sorry, kids, you other humans who went through chemistry school, I know you know, I know you know

…but you also want to be clever [especially… since that’s the type of humour it is, sort of], because yeah! I don’t love words as much as Charmander or Mewtwo do? In the sense where the words they use in their blog posts, or the way the words just flow, is music, an art! And while I don’t do that – obviously if you’re reading this, you know – I appreciate the intelligence behind a good pun!

ponyta_green_gbAll right, sadly, that’s all out of me today!
I’ll see you all tomorrow!


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