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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 20)

by on April 20, 2017

March 19th, 2017

Hey there, y’all!
I trust this post reaches you guys, girls and non-binary people in a good shape [I’m still learning how to use the expression correctly]? We’re already 20 days into the 30 day prompt! That means we’re two-thirds done with the challenge! Are y’all excited to start another one already? I’m not sure how soon the next one will be, so we’ll see!

Day 20: Would you like to know about the future?

As neurotic as I am about always wanting to be “ahead” (thus scheduling these instead of actually doing the challenge as a normal person), and as much as, knowing the future would help me not get surprised, knowing the future could lead to multiple scenarios.

I’ll take you back to MARVEL who introduced the idea of an Inhuman named Ulysses, whose powers were that of -. He could predict crimes before they happened. Presumably. Captain America, Carol Danvers, took matters into her own hands upon learning this, and decided to apprehend all criminals in his visions before it happened, in order to save countless lives, or so she believed. However, Iron ManTony Stark, had in mind that we shouldn’t assume Ulysses‘ premonitions were completely flawless. He argued that we should leave the criminals be, give them the benefit of doubt before condemning them. After all, they have to make the choice of involving themselves in crime and commit the crime, before they are deemed to be criminals.

This difference of opinion coming from two superhero icons spawned a new Civil War, because many superheroes sided with one or the other.


The reason why I’m saying this isn’t to spur you into reading the comics (I myself didn’t follow it as religiously as I did the Original Sin event, and even that one, I didn’t follow as much either): if I learn of the future, I would no doubt want to change it, especially if it is one that I wouldn’t agree with. And then, what would give me the right to change the future to my benefit? It certainly wouldn’t be very ethical, either. The moral dilemma would eat me up inside constantly.

Not only that, but Ulysses ended up being used by the government, by Carol Danvers, when he himself, if I recall correctly, wasn’t completely certain of his powers either. The lives of countless would-be criminals lies on his shoulders… or rather, on his premonitions. As stated before, there comes a lot of responsibilities when having such a game changing power. You can’t just keep it for yourself? You can’t let it benefit you, so you gotta help out other people, right? And since my paranoia is also very present in this alternate universe as well, what if my premonitions are only one of a few of the futures that could happen? Then my visions wouldn’t be as accurate!

Then, I’d be frozen in fear of predicting the wrong future.

Another scenario of having divination powers comes from… Cassandra in the Greek Mythology who was gifted with pretty accurate premonitions! Sure, she was cursed by Appollo for people who hear her premonitions never to believe her, but it did happen.

People who you’re trying to help might not believe you, assuming your abilities make you sound more crazy than you actually are. Her story could actually be a social critique, about how, though someone may be predicting the truth to you, it might be way too ugly, and you might not be inclined to listen to her. The power of divination is worthless if you can’t help people with it, because no one will listen to you.

In conclusion, I went really far out there [probably way too much, and I probably extrapolated a lot, but who can blame me for thinking that this is a super power-related question, all right?!] just to express that I believe I wouldn’t want to have the power of pre-cognition.

I also don’t want to know what my future would look like from someone else, or to see what would happen, because then I would be paranoid. What if that person is tricking me into giving them money for more vague predictions? What if this future I see is only one of the few and this was the most likely to happen? What if I can’t reach this future no matter how hard I try? What if I don’t want this future to happen, how will I stop it? These questions, after being allowed just one view of the future, would also plague my thoughts a lot.

So no, thank you. As hard as it already is, it seems better to just… not.

All right, that concludes Day 20!
See you all tomorrow!
Take care!


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