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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 22)

by on April 22, 2017

March 18th, 2017

Hey there, everybody!
I sure hope all of you are doing well! I like to think that April will treat us well, better than March will, since it’s the most transitional month from winter to spring, but who knows, really? I just hope we’ll be doing okay! I’m preparing to review Iron Fist and preparing to finish this About Me challenge as soon as I can – so that I can maybe start on another, so let us start without further ado!

Day 22: Your last important decision

Hm. That’s a very good question.

I like to think that a majority of decisions should be taken with seriousness? I mean, there are consequences to the decisions one makes, and thus, one has to consider a lot of the pros and cons before making such decisions. I’m sure I’ll have mentioned it VERY often – if not in this review, than in multiple ones, but: I have a horrible memory, which means that I may not remember the very last important decision I’ve made.

For some people, maybe it is to conceive, maybe it will be to wed each other, because it’s just that time in the relationship, maybe it is to adopt, because of reasons that I am sure are valid. Perhaps people have chosen to move out of their parents’ basements or out of their own homes in order to purchase or rent another for equally valid reasons, I’m quite certain. Those seem like very adult-related decisions that somehow aren’t even in my radar of decision-making, and that, in a lot of shows, books, movies and other media of story-telling, adults go through at some point in their lives. I’ve no doubt any normal people doing this challenge would probably name something like that for their prompt.

As for me, I feel like perhaps one of my most important decisions would be none of those, because I’m just not at that stage in my life where I can truly consider myself as an adult, I guess. Instead, the following are two of the decisions I’ve recently made, that have had or will have an important impact in my future.

Going back to studying.

It’s no secret, I think on this blog, that I enjoy reading and studying as much as I enjoy teaching. Now that I’ve had this job for a year and two months, I’ve been feeling rather restless. I feel like what I have come to… almost believe my talent is, may be wasted in a more menial career. Have y’all felt that way before? Like you shouldn’t settle for something like this? Or perhaps you were… “destined for something greater” like some kind of Chosen One?

Well, I feel like even if I achieved the Master’s I intend to maybe pursue, I probably also wouldn’t feel as if I’ve reached my end goal. And why do I feel like that’s a bad thing? Isn’t that a good thing, that you keep on improving yourself and your general knowledge? It drives you to perfect yourself, no? Well, perhaps the only ‘no-no’ would be that constantly going back to studying won’t make you earn much of a buck while you’re studying – unless you’re working in-between [and somehow have a social life if that’s also an inconvenience to studying]. I will still be working as I did back when I was studying, in order to pursue my passion as well as keep up with my… lavish lifestyle of going to the movies, haha. I think that counts as a pretty important decision.

 Acquiring my new baby

I’m definitely adding this “baby” as a pretty important decision. Sure, this happened in October 2016, but it was still quite a responsibility, to take care of this new device, one I didn’t take for granted. It took me quite some time of persuasion in order to spend money which I could be spending elsewhere, on this tiny device, but I’m so glad I did?

I need to be good at time management, all right? I’m very bad with it, especially while juggling three jobs at a time? Procrastination is always a risk for me, because when I get absorbed by something, other spheres of my life – studying, friendships, eating, working – can be rendered obsolete.

I also need to be pretty good with money management, which I feel like I may already be, despite the very fact that I keep spending it away for movie tickets nowadays? So really, I’m not that good… but otherwise, I feel like I don’t spend it as much on other things than that, so I should be good for now?

I’ve learned many things from my time with Dexter. He’s taught me many things, other than the fact that I’m a horrible gamer and that I don’t realize whether I should stop after this one game chapter at 2am or if I should keep going [don’t worry, I don’t always keep going. Once though, I fell asleep while in-game, which also means I’m a horrible person].

I’ve also learned that I’m pretty bad with my hand-eye coordination. That’s right, it took me so long just to practice on certain stages of certain games. I have almost no problem with button smashing, but isn’t there some kind of strategy I should be learning there, Kirby? I recently, after more than 50 hours of game-play (and dying) learned that Kirby can shield! It’s hilarious, because I’d been getting by with studying the patterns of each boss and trying to anticipate their moves and, if I couldn’t do anything, I’d just take the hit and HOPE that I’d not die.

All right, well, I feel like this is it for today?
I hope you had fun and take good care of yourself!
Until tomorrow!
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