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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 24)

by on April 24, 2017

April 5th, 2017

Hey y’all!
How’s the month of April treating you? I sure hope you get as much out of the month as possible! This is almost the end of the month, after all! And I hope you look forward to May as well! And then, after May comes JUNE! And in June: SUMMER VACATION! …for those of us who are in school, I mean, it doesn’t mean that work will stop for me, though, sadly…


Day 24: A motto to live by

Whoa, it’s funny that we’re talking about “mottos,” because I was looking up mottos for a collaborative project with Charmander and Mewtwo, and I guess these are some of the ones I really loved:

  • Concordia Salus (which means Salvation through harmony according to Wikipedia), which is the motto of the nearby big city: Montreal.
    • I like harmony. Peace and quiet, that’s how I like my routine – maybe scattered with some noise, but not too much. I associate harmony with justice, as well, because, well, you wouldn’t have harmony with injustice? Or at least it wouldn’t be fair if people lived in simili-harmony, but really, it was a dystopia, filled with unjust rules for different parties of people.
  • L’Union fait la Force (which basically means: There is Strength in Number), which is the motto of the Order of Leopold, in Belgium, also according to Wikipedia.
    • As much as I abhor working in teams, I do see the good there is in working with others. We are such social creatures that it’s normal that we should rely on our friends, families, coworkers, in order to achieve a certain goal, whether it is long-term, or short-term.

I also like to live by the Samaritan Rule which is essentially Be with Others as you would want them to be with you. I’m sure this is not the first time I’ve talked about it in these prompts. I like to be nice with others, as I would like them to be nice with me. I try to talk to them often, as I would like them to talk often with me.

As I’ve probably mentioned, this works two-folds for me, though. I’m not going to Cinderella my way into the Step-Mother’s good graces by being nice to them and turning the other cheek when I get slapped. And while I’m not likely to be slapping back (hey, I don’t know how mad I will be, and what led to such circumstances), I will most likely not be associating with that person any longer. From personal experience, there is a limit between being tolerant of a friend’s flaws, and accepting them, and being friends with someone who constantly bashes on you and who, essentially, doesn’t even consider you as a friend. As such, I also believe that others are with me as they would like me to be with them. The constant duality of these two ideals, for me, makes it difficult sometimes to know how I should respond to certain people.

For example, should I be the bigger person, and apologize for something I clearly haven’t done, or should I treat them meanly, as they do me? The latter really just means I give them the cold shoulder, which I’m particularly good at doing, apparently. And then, because I’m so indecisive as to what to do, I just end up giving them the cold shoulder anyway because I’ve ignored their texts for so long.

All right, that’s all out of me today!
See you all tomorrow for yet another prompt!
ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_right ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_right Ponyta’s Out ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_right ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_right 


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