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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 25)

by on April 25, 2017

March 27th, 2017

How’s it going? We’re missing about 6 days of this challenge, and you’ll probably stop hearing from me for awhile, until I get to schedule some more stuff. I’ll be fairly busy for graduation and exam months (May and June) but hopefully before that, I’ll be able to prepare some things for the following months.

Day 25: Happiness is:::


Are we asking for a definition?

Um… overall, it means… “contentment”? Being “Happy”?

I mean you’ve got some pretty good and standard definitions on Merriam-Webster, or And then, you’ve got the ones from Urbandictionary. I mean, the top definition, at the writing of this blog post is:

A small metal hinged box with pointy edges, rapped with barbed-wire and hidden in a dark room full of electric eels, razorblades, piles of salt crystals with fans behind them and random pools of lemon juice. Source: UrbanDictionary
I mean I think I get it. Happiness is something you should protect at all costs? Or maybe I’m just reading way too much into that definition.

My definition…?

I guess Happiness is… at the moment, for me…


Being with my closed ones, whoever they are.

  1. Just spending time with them, and maybe not be grumpy? I’m a grumpy person overall, but if they can endure my grumpiness and see that I’m less grumpy when I’m with them than with other people, I guess I’m grateful and happy.
  2. I’m asking for a lot.
  3. Even if it’s not physically being there with them, I like just talking to them by way of texting. I text a lot. I’m pretty talkative – if you haven’t noticed on these blogs, I’ve failed you somehow. It can be of anything and everything. I just like their presence and clinging on to them, because I have no life.
    1. And I’m clingy.

Receiving hugs from the kids who are most reluctant to give hugs, but also from the kids who love giving hugs. [Not just from anyone, ‘k?!]

  1. There’s just that… feeling when you’re being rewarded with a sign of affection from a kid. Most of the time, I’m such a tyrant and I ask a lot out of the kids, I would never take it badly if a kid ended up hating me for it. And yet, without fail, when they actually give me a sign of affection, it just… melts my heart a little? …in the sense where I don’t really deserve the hug, but I’m receiving this because this bundle of joy has his or her own reason to give me one that I cannot comprehend?!
  2. And then, there are the kids who constantly give your their love and affection, because somehow, they also think you deserve it?!

Students understanding a tough concept they didn’t get in class

  1. I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this.
  2. When kids are unmotivated with learning, and they weren’t able to understand a concept everyone else seems to have understood, and they feel out of place… and they come to me with all of their questions, and I torture them by giving them explanations after explanations until they can summarize correctly and do a series of exercices to demonstrate their level of understanding, there’s just… a certain sense of achievement and warmth I feel.
  3. That particular look when they understand something. Like a lightbulb has lit up in their brain and is lighting up all of the knowledge connections they need in order to solve a problem… it’s PRICELESS.

Going to watch a movie

  1. Right now, at this particular time, movies keep my sanity afloat? I seldom have time for myself due to my hectic self-imposed schedule, so whenever I have time, I indulge. I go, buy myself a ticket to go watch a movie, sometimes with a friend, sometimes alone, and it’s just great to have some mindless fun during which I don’t have much responsibility other than not spoil anything for my neighbours and not scream to loudly when monsters start appearing.

ponyta_rubysapphire_actionAll right, it’s late,
See you all tomorrow for some more prompts!
Ponyta’s Out! 


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