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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 27)

by on April 27, 2017

April 29th, 2017

Oh man, oh man!
I’m so sorry readers, it seems like I’ve forgotten to post this, and also that my draft was lost in the infinite confines of the web. It’s no matter, though, I will attempt to write this and post it as soon as possible, so I can begin our Weekly Summer Challenge blog posts. Here’s today’s prompt:

Day 27: A recent compliment

I’m not one to enjoy receiving compliments? Sometimes, I feel like compliments are words people say to flatter you, to get something out of you. This is most definitely, indeed, 80% my paranoia speaking, though, and I’m aware of that. The remaining 20% stems from awkwardness at not knowing how to accept a compliment. Indeed, I believe social norm has it that you either say: “Thank you,” as if you acknowledge that what the person says is true, even though you don’t believe it, or you give a similar compliment in return, because humans like to be praised, like that, and it helps us work better together, or something.

I try to disregard any compliment that pertain to physique, just because I don’t think I should value that as much as I value other traits, such as savoir vivre, and savoir faire. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but beauty also doesn’t last? At least, the media’s definition of beauty.

Actually, I have a hard time believing what others might compliment me with. “You work so well,” doesn’t work well with my brain, just because it knows there are so many flaws in my work, that it knows it’s impossible this person might be right. “You draw very well,” my brain would respond with: “Not compared to others, and I don’t dedicate enough time for my style, so this is actually pretty bad.” I think it’s the way I was raised, on the Asian principles, that humbles you, a lot, but it also throws a wrench in your self-esteem, at least, from my personal experience.

A friend of mine recently gave me this compliment: “[it’s] very well-written,” which referred to my writing of the beginning of a novel I’d written in 2015. I like that, because coming from her, who is an extremely good writer, and whose words are woven together so well, it means that I’ve improved (well, that 2015 Ponyta has improved somewhat) my writing.

Friends of mine recently gave me this other compliment as well, not necessarily in the form of words, but in the way of ‘action’. Rather than saying: I like spending time with you,” they actually reserve the time to come spend some time with me, even if it’s only for a few hours, to play video games and beat me horrendously at the game [I’m no gamer, but just watch me, I’m going to own it some day]. As I’ve written about before, I think the best gift someone can give you is “time,” and as a person who has so very little time dedicated for friendship and other relationship, I value “time” a lot (even though I tend to spend it procrastinating, surfing the web or Tumblr, and laughing at YouTube videos). So when someone actually dedicates time? To spend with me? Even though I’m a grumpy person?! And almost 99% too awkward?! I guess it’s something special, even though I don’t always show it and I don’t always appreciate it at first [seriously, I’ve become such a recluse since I only work, that I don’t even know social norms of meeting up with friends and stuff anymore].

All right, that’s all out of me!
See y’all later!
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