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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 28)

by on April 28, 2017

March 26th, 2017

How’s it going?! The month of March is almost done, which means that our APRIL CHALLENGE is almost up! I can’t wait, and already, I’m writing this post as we should be almost done with the month of April, which means… the April challenge should be almost done by the time you receive this! I’ve still got a lot of posts to schedule, so let’s go with this:

Day 28: Where you want to be?

Are we talking about where I’d want to be in the future? Or where I’d want to be at the moment? And are we talking about geographical where [in a certain country? in another continent? in another province/region?] or situational where [at Comic-Con, taking pictures of awesome cosplays, reading and sharing comic books, catching up on comic books…?! Being with my friends…? In a financially stable situation?]?

Right now…

I feel like we’ve already done the geographical where in another prompt? But just in case I’m having a fake deja vu, I’d rather be in Viet Nam right now, spending as much time with my grandmother as I can before I’ve got to say goodbye. I feel a little bad that I wouldn’t even go for my uncles, aunties and cousins [to be completely fair though, I don’t know them as much as I know my grandma]. My main focus of attention has always mostly been about my grandmother when it comes to Viet Nam. Unfortunately, my current financial situation doesn’t really allow me to go, and I have a bunch of problems that I need to take care of before I can plan things out (but hopefully, if all goes to plan: it’ll be a “go” next year).

As for the situational where, I suppose I’d love to be in the right financial and personal situations in which I could afford to go to Viet Nam, that would be pretty awesome.

I’d also love to be in my own bed right now, reading a good book or writing a new chapter for a story. Or perhaps I’d like to be colouring some mandalas. I’ve been into doing those recently ever since my coworker gave me one for Secret Santa a couple of months ago… or even just catching up on a video game. I’ve been trying to finish the Helper to Hero mini-game in Kirby Super Star Ultra for at least a few weeks now! Another situational where would be: “I’d like to be at the level where I’d be able to beat the Helper to Hero mini-game”. I wish I hadn’t been so distracted by how glittery and shining the very last final boss was. It caught me so off-guard that I let it drain a bunch of my life points. I’ll do better next time… when I actually get to that level again [I’m not sure when it will ever happen, but I’ll persevere and maybe I’ll get lucky with the button-smashing!].

In the Future…

Again, I’m fairly certain I’ve already touched upon the geographical aspect of this question, but just in case, in the future, I’d like to have visited Greece (I like to focus on the past so much that I was obsessed with Greek Mythologies back in the day, and I still take a lot of inspiration in my stories, from these myths), France (I mean, I’ve gone already, but I feel like I want to go now that I’ve experienced life more – or I assume that I’ll have experienced life more by then), Japan [it’d sure give me a chance to practice my gradually fading acquisition of the language] and South Korea (because of the k-pop and k-drama, of course).

Meanwhile, situational where would be in my own home, whether it’s a condo or a house, I’d very much like to probably maybe take it to the next step of being an “adult” and maybe convince the kids that I, in fact, am one, because lately, they’ve been insisting that I’m not an adult, which I could take as a compliment, too…

And since I can’t… not love Lego, or Batman, or chocolate, the next step, I guess, is to finally move out of the household, even though, to do that, traditionally by my parents, I’d need to get married, which opens up another bag of worms I’d rather not open right now, haha. Maybe in the future.

….Never. They’ll eventually get tired of me and finally accept that I can maybe survive on my own or with decent roommates.

All right, I guess that’s all you’ll get out of me today!
See you all tomorrow! 🙂
Be good! Take care of yourselves!
ponyta_back_gb ponyta_back_gb Ponyout! 


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