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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 30)

by on April 30, 2017

March 19th, 2017 

Hey there everybody!
We’re at the very end of the Challenge! WE’VE SOMEHOW SURVIVED?! If all goes well this is the first challenge I’ve successfully finished in a long while, so… it’s time to celebrate… by finishing it… probably:

Day 30: Your preferred method of communication


All the way.

I can’t express myself as well without stuttering or without fumbling with my thoughts. I always prefer chatting or texting, just because I feel like I can be less awkward, or more awkward… There’s a certain anonymity behind a letter or just a message.

Sure, you readers know more about me via these writings, but you sort of don’t know what I look like, you don’t know how truly awkward I am in real life, how much I stutter or how much I overreact to certain things. You just gotta take my word for it.

Not only that, but I feel a lot smarter when I write, just because I use certain vocabulary words that I wouldn’t use in a verbal context, just because I’m so awkward or that I’m so overwhelmed with emotions that I can’t think of what words I can say. Or, because it’s written or typed, the words can be researched. If I don’t know how to say a certain thing, the dictionary is my best friend!

Sure, sometimes, I miss someone enough that I can wish I could hear the sound of their voice. In those cases, I’d even have Google Hangout to use, because meeting in real life can lead to more embarrassing moments and sometimes, it’s just out of my comfort zone.

I used to have these days when I would have these special evenings which I call: #FridayNightGames, with MunchlaxMewtwo and Bayleef, those were fun times. We would game, but without needing to be in the same place. Using Google Hangout, we could talk to each other about our days, and we could also help each other through the sometimes tough puzzles or hidden object pieces of the game we would play.

Those were the glorious, glorious days, or rather, evenings…

Sadly, none of us will likely ever have time to coordinate and do those anymore. Adult things happen, but yeah, my other preferred mode of communication will have to be Google Hangout.

Last but not least, I guess Facebook Messenger, even though for some reason, it’s starting to try and resemble Snapchat and other social media at the same time?

facebook-messenger-gamesI like it mostly because since I’ve been deleting a lot of apps from my phone in order to keep up with the updates of Pokemon Go, I have had a deficiency of games to play when I’m bored on my phone. The new addition of Facebook Messenger, by playing games you don’t need to install on your phone, is great!

…what do you mean this is irrelevant? Messenger is still a mode of communication, and it’s still quite present in my life, though it’s pretty complicated. You used to be able to block certain people from seeing you appear online. Now, you can’t. Everyone sees you online, or no one sees you online. That’s all. It’s… a bit more problematic.

Plus, despite the fact that I’ve clearly put myself as “inactive” people can still either see me as active, or they can see that I’ve been active 1 minute ago. How does that work exactly?

Well, that was it for the entirety of the challenge!
I hope you people had some kind of fun?
I know it was sort of fun working through these prompts with y’all!
See you next time!


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