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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 2)

by on May 8, 2017

April 30th, 2017

How-do-y’all do?!
I trust this second week of the Summer Challenge is coming along well for us all! Let’s see what prompt we’ve been given this week:

Week 2: Name the top ten things on your bucket list.


1. Publish/Writing a book

I’ve talked about this dream of mine for awhile on multiple occasions, I think, and I do wish I could, but… well… and it’s true that I’d like to publish a book… but it also feels unrealistic, what with my… many issues regarding priorities, time and lack of talent in general. So, I guess I’m going to downgrade – or just lower – my expectations to this: I’d like to finish editing a manuscript and find the courage to mail it or send it via email, to a publisher.

…or just find the courage to invest money in self-publishing.

I can do that, too.

…except I lack the courage, the talent, and, to compensate, I have all the paranoia in the world. I’ll satisfy myself with just working on drafts and jotting down more and more ideas for awesome stories that only really sound good in my head.

2. Catch up on anime/manga/comic books/TV shows…

I hate that adulthood leaves me with extremely little time to make the other hobbies that I’d had before adulting so much [don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love my work? Even though sometimes, I dislike ].

Nowadays, after work, I sometimes play video games (I’m currently inside the belly of the Jabu-Jabu in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?! And man is it tough to avoid the jellyfish and take care of the princess at the same time. Growlithe has to be so patient with me as I enthusiastically get killed and have so many questions. I should relegate that role to other people from time to time, just in case she gets tired of listening to me).

3. Play at least one game of the most popular franchises in Nintendo DS

…but I will not, as I’ve promised Gengar, touch Outlast. So far so good, though I have been able to try out Kirby, and now, as I’ve said, I’m currently playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D [I DIE SO OFTEN?! I’VE HORRIBLE HAND-EYE COORDINATION, WOE IS ME! WOE IS ME! I will get better though, I swear it! I’ll finish this game! It’s so far taken me a lot longer than it’s taken me to finish Kirby Planet Robobot], and I’ve, of course, played Pokemon [the most recent game I’ve played would be… Pokemon Moon, although I’ve also started Pokemon X and really need to finish that one] – still, at the writing time of this, haven’t finished it yet…

As far as I know, I think I’m missing a Ace Attorney (me and the “law” don’t seem to see eye-to-eye even though I apparently am a Lawful Good, so I’m not quite sure if I want to play a game of this franchise yet), Professor Layton game (I’m holding out for this one awesome-looking game? I find that, besides the Hidden Object Games that I’ve been playing in the recent years, I haven’t been practicing my puzzle-solving skills, so I might not be good at all with them?!), Mario game (I remember playing such a game – I can’t remember the exact title? – as a kid with my dad. I think it was on the Nintendo 64, or something, but it was so fun and cool?! And now I want to try and finish one of the more recent games to see if it’s any good).

4. Get my own place

Also pretty sure I’ve expressed this before, but I would really love to move out of this house and make one of my own.

…once I learn how to survive on my own, with food and paying bills.

Adult-ing is hard, though…

5. Perfect the languages that I’ve learned

In high school, I’ve had to take 4 years of Spanish, and now, at work, I freely choose to use tidbits of the Spanish I’ve learned, on a daily basis. Even if it’s just to say a pre-written phrase that I’ve learned to say by heart due to one silly, silly game we played in high school: “Mi hermano es un bombero.”  (It’s not true, Vaporeon is not a firefighter, he wishes he were that cool, though).

I’ve also taken one class of Japanese, just because I wanted to take some courses in the summer, and it was awesome. But slowly, especially because I’ve lost touch with anime and manga, I have been losing my learned kanjis and my hiragana and katakana. I’d like to perfect the languages and be able to speak it somewhat better than I am capable of now?

Maybe learning more English, and French, because I get some expressions mixed up so often. But probably more importantly, Vietnamese. I always say: “I know” or I just roll my eyes when people tell me: “Don’t lose your language of origin.” Part of me thinks: This is getting old. I know this already. or Please, if you had the upbringing I’ve had, I don’t think you’d want to associate with Vietnam either. Or You don’t have to tell me about that. or Don’t you think I’m already trying my hardest? My uncles and aunties over here have mixed feelings about my current level of spoken Vietnamese: some of them will listen to me speak and be AMAZED at how good I am despite being born here, some others will listen to me and correct me ALL THE TIME, just because I’m horrible at speaking. I’m working on it by speaking to my parents a lot more in Vietnamese, by summarizing the Bible with them or what happened during the day. It helps me improve my vocabulary, but it seems like I’ve still got a long way to go. Vietnamese is so difficult. It’s a good thing I already know how to read and somewhat… write. I just can’t understand what I’m reading.

6. Volunteer in a different field than I’m used to

I know that I work a lot, and I know that I highly dislike communicating with people face to face, but I also know that I like to give back to the community. Especially since, thanks to this community, I’ve had a seemingly peaceful childhood, with almost no traumatic experiences. Annually, I do three types of volunteer work: spiritual, where I help patients at the hospital go to mass, sports, for the Triathlon, where I run after athletes and call it achieving my yearly sport-ing quota, and at conventions, where I break out of my introvert mask and try to work as an extrovert member of another community.

One of these days, when I get the courage, I’d like to volunteer as something else, get out of my comfort zone and try something new, to help out society. I’m not sure what, yet, but I’d like to try it out… it’ll come to me, I’m sure… or I can just stay the way I’ve been helping, and maybe it’ll be okay. Also it seems to me like I may not be doing enough, which is why I’d like to do a bit more, as long as it doesn’t interfere with what I’ve got going on right now already [because I’m selfish also]?

7. Learn to Cook/Survive

It comes with the “getting my own place” sort of thing, but yeah. I mean, I can cook, especially if I follow the recipe. I get upset when I don’t get to follow the recipe. Flareon and Charmander have this habit of forgoing certain steps in the recipe? Throw in their own ingredients? I’m content with following the recipe by the letter.

Also because if I don’t follow it, I am mostly to blame when the kitchen sets on fire.

As little as I value my own life, I guess survival techniques would be pretty crucial to learn, especially if we’re approaching a zombie apocalypse – or if I have to be stranded on a deserted island, a desert, or some other place.

8. Experience Love 

I’m totally running out of things to say. But I’m thinking of things like: “What would you regret not doing before you die, if you were to die right this instant?

I would probably [keyword here for those of you who know me and know what situation I’m talking about and are actually reading through this because I doubt you are: is PROBABLY, I’m still very much in denial] regret not throwing myself into life more, and risking things like baring my heart to someone who might reject me, or who might find my weaknesses, my vices, my… everything, really, disenchanting or alarming.

As an author, and if you don’t count the extremely tragic deaths, I’ve written about romance in a arguably very idealistic manner, from the little I’ve observed among the couples I know in real life, and majorly from the couples I see in television shows (dramas, anime…) or movies, in literature as well as in comics (although let’s never get into the refrigerator girlfriend area of comics, and I’m also talking about mangas in here).

9. Rock-climbing

This one, along with the previous one, is super out there. With my ankle health issues, climbing or over-exerting myself is pretty much a very difficult task for me. Just today, for example, my ankle hurt from just working in humidity. I much improved since a few years ago, but this is pretty much a chronic thing now, according to Jolteon. Nevertheless, it’d be pretty sick if I could work up the courage and abandon a day’s worth of work just to try my hand at it.

…also I dislike any activities related to physical activity… and outdoors, under the sun, bitten by mosquitoes, even less…

Although have done this Arbre-en-Arbre thing back in France?! They have it here in Quebec as well, and it’s pretty awesome! I still have my phobia of heights, but man was it exhilarating. Maybe I should go there one day.

10. Horseback rides

I mean.


How can I not mention horses?! I’ve never outgrown the phase in which girls all love horses. I just love them so much?! Even though I don’t really… actively seek them out? Or seek out any activities that pertain to horses…?

I’ve ridden horses before, but always with someone accompanying me?! And I know that there’s the whole posture and the fact that horse poop smells bad (any poop should smell bad, I think?!). But there’s the whole… connection with the animal, you brush them, you take care of them…

It’d be amazing if I could ride a horse on my own, without needing anyone to help me? But to be fair, here in the city, you can’t really… do that?

All righties,
We’ll see you all next week!
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