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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 4)

by on May 22, 2017

May 13th, 2017

Hello there!
How are you all doing? So, I was looking through this blog, and I found that this next week, my third post will be… published onto the blog. It doesn’t have a back-up, because I have been busy-ing myself with applications and graduation stuff. I’ve decided to take a pause from gaming (because that has been going on as well, if you haven’t noticed) and finish up on some posts.

Week 4: Name one thing you wish your cell phone did for you 
that it currently does not.

Whew, well, in this era, we almost all have smartphones, right? Just today, I lent my Unowns my calculator and I just whipped out my cellphone in order to verify their calculations. Or when you have to quickly look up an information on the internet, you no longer have to log onto your computer. You simply google it on your phone. My cellphone also has five specific alarms that are set up in order to help me wake up in the morning. You can keep track of things using a calendar, and this calendar can even remind you or notify you of certain upcoming events. You can take pictures of your loved ones with some of the best cellphones now, because they keep improving the quality of the pictures with each model (I think). You can even film specific moments with your phone! Also texting of course, and actually phoning someone, evidently, for professional and personal affairs.

Cellphones have truly gone a long way, so I’m not sure what I can ask my cellphone to do, that it does not already…

Let me think…

Read my emotions accurately

I think I’ve stated before, numerous times, that I have difficulties deciphering my emotions. Am I feeling hungry right now? or Am I currently hangry or just angry? or perhaps… what in the world am I feeling? How do I feel about this person? Or do I think I’m feeling this way because normally, in such a situation, people are supposed to feel a certain way? Do you love/hate someone because it’s expected of you, or do you simply love/hate them? What are the signs or symptoms for sickness? Am I feeling sick or am I actually sick?

…so many questions, so little answers, because seriously, I find it difficult to decipher, and that’s just feeling one thing at a time. What about feeling multiple things at once, as it mostly always happens? How do you decode what you’re feeling then, and act accordingly?

Maybe my cellphone could be buzzing at a negative emotion: “we notice you may not be feeling well, please take a break from what you’re doing and breathe. You can do this,” or “You’re feeling extremely happy, thank the Gods.” Hahaha, I’m kidding, I’m not even sure myself how things would go, but it sure would be helpful in so many occasions. Some people seem so extremely sure of who they like, what they like, how they feel… I need so much time, and when I feel overwhelmed and overly confused by how I feel, I just emotionally shut down. It’d be very nice to go: “Oh, what I feel right now must be melancholy at a certain thing. Let’s never cross that thing or think about it ever again, because I’m non-confrontational like that.”

That’s about it for today, I’m afraid!
Hey look at that, I didn’t name a second thing I’d like my phone to do,
Because I think this one’s actually the only thing I could want at this moment in time!
All right, I’ll see y’all next week!
What would you like your cellphones to do for you? [come to think of it, I would also like for my phone to be a LIE DETECTOR or an EMOTIONAL DETECTOR for other people?! But then again, sometimes, you’re just better off not knowing when/what people lie about]
ponyta_icon_action ponyta_icon_action Ponyout ponyta_icon_action ponyta_icon_action 

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  1. OMG I was actually scrolling down to see the 2nd/3rd thing LOL xD

    That’s pretty tough on your phone though.. putting a lot of trust in your emotions ‘on a phone’ but… we do that with tons of other things lol. Hmm I’ve always wondered if those gems/stones/things that people wear on their rings or necklaces work… (you know, the ones that change color to tell you what they’re feeling?)

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