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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 5)

by on May 29, 2017

May 8th, 2017

So, how’s everyone doing?
I trust your month of May is coming along well. As for me, at this point of the month, I’ll have lost two kids from the work place, they’ll be moving on towards their summer vacation, before they begin school again. I will miss them incredibly. I can’t even… At any rate, I can’t focus on that, let’s talk about randomness…?!

Week 5: Write ten original thoughts that will be stuffed inside 
fortune cookies for perfect strangers to read.

1. Be yourself, and everything should work out just fine. Unless you can be Chuck Norris


You can’t possibly pass up the chance to become someone as awesome and strong as Chuck Norris!!

Unless you don’t want to become strong physically, I can’t judge. I don’t think I’m a person who can really be responsible with all the power and strength I’d be given if I were Chuck Norris.

But yeah, it’s pretty important to be reminded, even by a fortune cookie? That you need to be yourself. I think this theme will come back very often amongst my other fortune cookies.

2. Sometimes, it’s good to just breathe.

Take a break. Take a short one, or take a long one, a day or two off. It helps, your immune system will be so thankful to you.

That’s what my director told me to encourage me to take some time off, since I overwork, apparently.

3. Your Beauty isn’t the same as mine.

I’m trying to make this as vague as I can? You can take this one differently:

  • Your sense of beauty isn’t the same as everyone else, so maybe you shouldn’t be criticizing, or judging them. Other people will find this person whom you find “not beautiful” as “gorgeous!” Why do we need to put everyone down in terms of how beautiful they are? Besides, why are we only talking about physical beauty? Their personality can be beautiful, too?!
  • Your beauty isn’t the same as someone else’s beauty, so you shouldn’t compare. It’s a good reminder, I think? In the sense where, sometimes, people over-think or they over-compare, and it potentially puts a load on their self-esteem. “I’m not as beautiful as this person,” or “I don’t like my hair, it’s not like <name>’s“.

4. Don’t trust the media.

This is something I put mostly for people who are like my mom? She likes to believe absolutely everything she hears on the Vietnamese radio, or what she reads in the Vietnamese newspaper. But does she do the research beforehand?

And if you only listen to just the media, what are the other news that you don’t hear, because you only follow the mainstream media? What are the things that the media doesn’t want us to know? What are the things they don’t want to advertise?

And are they just sensationalizing what they’ve heard, but aren’t reporting exactly what should be reported? It happens so often, we misunderstand interviewees because the reporters can misrepresent what they meant.

5. Don’t fear change. Unless the meteor’s coming straight at you. Dinosaurs didn’t like that change either.

I’m being stupid, but right now, even if I very much dislike change as much as I do, I feel like I’ve been able to little by little make more changes?

But then again, my fears are still true: some changes are horrible for me, so maybe they will be for you too, stranger. Do be careful and mindful of change, but don’t fear it either, I mean, evolution! PROGRESS!

6. Are the other doors open?

This is a super weird way to say that Other Doors open up when one closes. I think it’s a good thing to remember. Sometimes, a person can lose all their composure over this one thing, and they don’t realize that this one thing has been closed to them, simply because something else was better for you.

7. Your ‘quirk’ is someone else’s normal.

Own it. Own what makes you unique.

8. Look back, but not for too long.

When I need to make decisions, I sometimes compare these decisions to similar decisions I’ve had to make in the past, as well as write down the pros and cons, and research what I need to research. I tend to compare things with the past a lot as well. What if I repeat the same mistake? What if this happens, like it did that one time? What if I say this, and this person rejects my comment, as someone else has done before? I don’t do it as often anymore, because I feel like perhaps I have come to not care as much? Sometimes, I do, don’t mistake it?! I just remind myself not to look back too often, because then I tend to run into poles and walls in my way, and maybe people need to get that: reminders to not look back.

9. You can do this.

I like to send random messages to my friends, like Mew and Mewtwo, here and there, telling them that I’m encouraging them, no matter what they’re up to and they’re not sharing with me (totally don’t keep that against them, because they’re busy, and I’m busy, so…), I believe in them. I don’t know if it helps out, but I know that when I was in the grips of my anxieties while I was in my internships, it really helped to have these random little messages.

It really helped, back in the day, because then it can open up the conversation: “by the way, how are you doing?” and stuff like that. I hope that, by putting this in there, it could help people. “This one stranger who writes fortunes for fortune cookies believes in you, fortune cookie eater.

10. Don’t be a Hanzo-main.

I guess you need to be from “this generation” in order to understand what this is? Or know that you can research.

I didn’t even really know what this was about, except that I knew Hanzo was a pretty popular character in Overwatch.

I ran out of ideas.

ponyta_silverAll righties, that’ll be all out of me.
See you all later!

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  1. Hahaha I love your humor. We are so the same 😀

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