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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 6)

by on June 5, 2017

April 30th, 2017

Hey there,
How’s it going? We’re already at Week 6, I can’t believe it! We’re really doing it. We’ve done it. We’ve survived the month of May?! I can’t believe we did, especially since I’ve been dreading the month of May 2017 so much [so many of the children are going to leave at the end of May?! And I’m not ready whatsoever to let them go, but they’ve got to go… so I should stop… pining over the fact that they’re leaving me and never will remember me… based on the fact that I have such a horrible memory that I don’t truly remember my educators and teachers in elementary school and in preschool].

Week 6: Create three original screen names and passwords that the Easter Bunny 
may use when logging in to check his email.

Username 1: Easter_Bun_Bun
Password 1: 000ArentEggs000

I don’t know why he would call himself “Easter bun bun,” it just sounded cute, and who would think that the actual Easter Bunny would call himself (it could a be herself? Maybe? I mean, even if the prompt seems to say otherwise) that online, as well.

As for the 0 and the O, I thought those were a nice addition [I mean, they resemble eggs, right?!], especially because you need numbers to make a password secure? At least, from my limited experience as a person who uses the internet. You need at least one capital letter (check for all of my suggested passwords) and at least one or two numbers (also check for all of my suggested passwords).

User name 2: BasketFullOfEastrEggs
Password 2: RoTGgotMeRight00

Otherwise, Rise of the Guardians [RoTG for short] is a great movie in which the Easter Bunny is shown, and in which he breaks a lot of the stereotypes that we seem to have of the Easter Bunny [it’s funny because, where does the Easter Bunny whole thing even come from? Especially if Easter is a religious holiday for us, where did the whole idea of the scavenger hunt for an egg even begin from? I think I have a lot of researching and reading to do now that we’re on that topic…here did that even come from exactly?! As BunnyMund says it in the movie, Easter is the beginning of Hope, it’s a really nice way of phrasing how our religion sort of views Easter and why we celebrate it?]?

I sincerely cannot wait to begin reading the novel this movie was based on? Even if it’s not the same and the animated movie really took a lot of liberties with it.

Username 3: AintNoBunny
Password 3: Gumby000

Again, a lot of this is taken from what I remember from the Rise of the Guardians movie [I love this movie, by the way, if you haven’t noticed], where BunnyMund doesn’t like the idea of being called an “Easter Bunny.”

As for Gumby, well… I’m not sure what exactly it means, but I know he uses that word… I think.

All righties,
That’s all from me today!
See you all next week, once again! Be good!
ponyta_hgss_overworld_right ponyta_hgss_overworld_right Ponyta’s Out 


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