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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 7)

by on June 12, 2017

May 13th, 2017

Hey there, all!
How are you doing? I’m not sure how I’m doing, we have so many things to talk about: Steven Universe‘s bomb made me go through all these feels, and I’m so sad… I’m really hoping for Lars to have a really good redemption arc…

Week 7: Create ten all-new funny scratch and sniff stickers. 
Describe the image and smell.

Do sniff stickers really exist anymore? How do I know if what I’ve come up with is new, and how in the world do I know how to describe the image and smell? How do you describe smell? I’m a horrible writer, because I just write: “it stinks” or “it smells like… very putrid.” I’m incapable of describing things properly, because I find descriptions boring in general. So I’ll try.

1. Image: a simple lollipop, Scent: Dog Poop.


combining something that is usually sweet and is connected to sugar and happy feelings, with something stinky like dog poop, which I have to smell every day when I take care of Eevee, makes me laugh [you can’t get mad at the dog, I mean, it’s just a doggie, and it needs to do its business, and you just have to pick it up because you’re a responsible owner. Look at this little puppy, who would be mad at this one?! Who?!]. It’d just be so… surprising? It’s ironic and people wouldn’t suspect that.

Wait, that’s not the goal we’re trying to achieve with these stickers?!? What’s my reason of waking up in the morning, then?!

2. Image: Fish, Scent: Cat food

This one’s less ironic than the very first one that I thought of [how can I even fill its shoes now?!], I just ran out of ideas (already, at the second one, that’s right).

But it doesn’t completely smell like fish, but it’s actually related, because in the cartoons, cats like to eat fish? I’m not sure if cat food smells like fish though, mostly because I’ve never properly owned a cat, andI have a horrible memory.

3. Image: Thor, Scent: L’Oreal or any other shampoo scent

I wanted to find this gif on my blog, but for some reason I wasn’t smart enough to reblog it on time. It was the picture of Chris Hemsworth (Thor, in case y’all don’t understand the reference in the “image”) brushing his lustrous and amazing hair (it’s Rapunzel from Tangled’s hair). It’s a common joke online that Thor has beautiful hair and that he’s probably born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline, or some other shampoo-related pun or joke, I love absolutely all of them, and here’s my way of continuing the trend.

4. Image: Thor, Scent: Burnt stuff

I’m sorry, I meant… electrocuted stuff?

Since it’s Thor, and all that, he could have burnt the rest of the stickers because he didn’t find it funny, but I like to think that Thor, especially in the MCU, is a pretty chill dude with a pretty okay sense of humour, who wouldn’t really fret over such things.

May 26th edit: I could be severely wrong though, like I was when I said “Joss Whedon couldn’t possibly pair Black Widow up with Bruce Banner… *scoffs*” The joke was on me, because he eventually did and I still have beef with him because of that. I’ll still watch the Justice League movie he’s taking on since Zack Snyder can’t keep the helm due to personal issues though.

5. Image: Squirrel Girl, Scent: Nuts

Despite not having read a lot of Squirrel Girl comics, I sure have a lot of Squirrel Girl references, honestly. What is this, a sign my brain wants me to read this?! …as soon as Graduation is done, I might just go and pick up a recent issue, haha. Anyways, why not?

Squirrels… like nuts? I think?

Stereotypically? You’d probably need to be pretty careful with this though, my tired as freaking hell brain can’t think of a specific case in which a child got an allergic reaction from inhaling the scent of nuts, but just in case, I’d probably put a warning on the sticker? Or something…?

6. Image: Pizza, Scent: Chocolate

What? I like pizza, I like chocolate. Can’t I associate the two of them together? And make my brain messed up at the association?

Note: vice versa also works.

7. Image: Snowflake, Scent: Winter pine tree or mint

My relatives in the country of origin haven’t ever seen snow apart if they’ve been in the mountains – rare – or if they’ve been watching a lot of TV dramas that feature the snow in it. I’ve watched a couple of those dramas. That’s… fake snow. What, to me, represents the scent for snow?

Pine tree, because, I guess, it’s the smell of Christmas tree, and Christmas tree happens in Winter, which is when we have snow, it totally makes sense.

Or Mint, because somehow, it refreshes my mouth when I let a mint candy dissolve in my mouth, or when I smell it, it just… refreshes my mind? I feel a bit cold? Does that make sense? I don’t even know.

8. Image: An open book, Scent: Old book smell

Is it just me? I absolutely love the feel of the pages turning and the smell of yellowing pages? Or even just the smell of a new book (I personally associate that with textbooks which I loathe reading for some reason)?

It’s… exciting, like the promise of a new literary adventure ahead, a new escape from reality. Of course, nowadays, I only read electronic books, or books from the kids. The downfall of this is that I can’t feel the pages turning, I can’t listen to the sound of them, and I can’t smell them anymore, either. I still have some books, but I’ve already read them, and sometimes, especially now, I feel more like reading newer stories…?

9. Image: A calendar, Scent: Urgency

A calendar because I associate it with routine but also with deadlines. And what better smell to represent deadlines than to put the scent of urgency??

I don’t know how you can make it smell like ‘urgency’?! What smells urgent? What can make you feel like something is urgent?

Burnt stuff? As a person who constantly burns stuff and is a catastrophe in the kitchen, the smell of burning food is something that sense me in a frenzy? As in: QUICK I HAVE TO ACT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE TO COVER MY TRACKS AND PUT THE BLAME ON VAPOREON.

Urine? Maybe? Because, man, when people are this close to peeing their pants, the sense of urgency – for them – is right there.

I’m running out of ideas now.

10. Image: hearts, Scent: blood I’m kidding popcorn

Right now, as of writing this, the kids are slowly trickling out of the workplace, going in vacation before they change schools. I’m so sad that it has affected my daily routine and my overall mood. My mood swings are more erratic, less about whether or not I’m Hangry and more about whether or not I’m missing my ideal routine, the one I’ve worked with for the past year. This and the changes that are happening in the workplace are making me unstable and unable to face the changes ahead without looking back and wanting to quit.

What still helps me to go through the whole ordeal without falling into the abyss of my constant depression? My Thursday evenings watching movies. They don’t come often enough in my opinion, because I don’t always go every single week, but I can’t not notice how less uptight I am on Fridays despite coming to work an hour earlier than other weekdays. I really need a life.

So… Hearts? As in what I love right now? I’ll associate them with the scent of popcorn which I smell at the movie theater, if that makes any sense. It probably won’t in a few months.

With all that, I will wish you a marvelous day,
See you all next week?
I have been working on it for weeks
and I still don’t know what I will write, but we’ll see.
ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_right ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_right Ponyta’s outponyta_hgss_overworld_left2 ponyta_hgss_overworld_left2 


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