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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 8)

by on June 20, 2017

April 26th, 2017

Hello there!
How are you all doing? I trust this month of June is coming along well, and that there will be less trouble than there’s been over the past few days. May we have a peaceful, un-negatively-eventful days and summers.

…of course, how can it be calm, serene, and stuff, if we’re talking about ‘murder game mystery,’ such as this one, for the evening?!

Week 8: Plan a "murder mystery" dinner party. 
Create the dinner menu and the guest list, and design the murder plot.

All right! I’ve been deciding for months now what I should write about… and how I should write it. After much deliberation and with the deadline for this particular post nearing closer and closer… I’ve decided to simply write it as it naturally comes to me? This may not make any sense, so I’m not sure. But anyways, that’s why this post is late.

So… it’ll be a fairly simple dinner party. Everyone brings a little bit of something, because I actually have no idea what adults are supposed to be bringing. It’s one of my kinds of dinner party, so people also bring out board games, and video games, because those are awesome and I’ve been craving a Nintendo Switch for awhile even though I’ve had my DexTer for less than 365 days, and I’ll still love him as much as I’ll cherish the Nintendo Switch, I swear!

At any rate, that’s how it would go down. I’m not sure as to who the guests would be…

  1. There’d be this 40-something woman, Ekans, who doesn’t get along with anyone and who gossips a whole lot too much, and who barely takes care of the children in her charge – only when someone is watching her and potentially may rat her out to the principals (you can see where this is going). I’m not really sure why she would play video games, since I’ve never thought of her as watching video games, but let’s say she was. She brought a game of Clue, with a plate of those cheap sandwiches you buy pre-made at the grocery store… or leftovers.
  2. Her ex-boyfriend, who’s somehow absolutely still in love with her and who stalks her, is also there. Let’s name him X. He’s pretty romantic, and he’s probably very much into board games if he’s into this one dinner game party. He also is hoping that by showing off his awesome skills, she’ll fall in love with him again, but really, it’s annoying to her. He brought a game of Risk and a plate of imperial rolls he bought from a local market store.
  3. Robin is a much younger, 20-something, adult, who knows the two and the other guests very slightly [except from Canary, whom she knows for longer], but likes video games, so what the heck, why not accept the invitation to that particular game-night? And she is a fun, pretty chill, but highly competitive person. She brought over a game of Destiny, but it was a Pokemon edition. She brought a handmade (or hand cooked? hand baked?) cake.
  4. Canary and Ben are a couple who are together from a long time ago. Notice how they’ve got one single bullet point/number. That’s because, as couples are, they’re often in the “we” category and I’m lazy. Canary is a kind young lady and Ben is very much smitten with her. Vice Versa. They brought paper plates, music entertainment and a game of SkipBo.
  5. Ker is the last addition to the group, and the host. He likes video games a lot more than board games, but passive aggressively puts up with the rest of the group, because why spend yet another evening by himself, watching videos on YouTube and commenting on forums, when he can pawn everyone at any game they bring (or so he thinks). He brings beer which he believes is refreshments (you know my stance on alcohol), cappuccino ice cream (just because I’m craving that at the moment), and, because he decided he’d be unconventional and all that, he decides to share a karaoke machine.

Ker‘s home is actually an apartment, and pretty small one, and they decide to play their board games – they’ve decided to have a board game night and they’d alternate to video games the following week (but of course, because of the murder later on, that plan pretty much burns to the ground). They’re sitting on a carpet, at a small square-ish table. The kitchen is within reach, and you know how many weapons there could be in the kitchen [click on the image, you’ll see why the picture is completely, completely appropriate]. Probably.

Now it’s all just a race to see who pisses off who first. Apart from the third and fourth candidates [I don’t really know how Canary and Ben and Robin, although I guess competitiveness could be… reason…], everyone has a cliche and weird reason to murder the other or to get murdered, I guess. A house can hold many weapons, it can be, as my own game of Clue suggests, a wrench?! So y’all can get creative in your head, I think, or maybe not [that’s good too, because, my goodness, I don’t want you guys to think of murders, it’s… pretty… negative…]. I set the mood, sort of, and the stage, although I’m not really good at writing descriptions, so… my bad! Since I’m not that much into murdering (I mean, I like torturing my characters, but that’s a whole other story).

ponyta_green_gbAll right, that’s it!
See you all next week!


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