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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 10)

by on July 3, 2017

April 30th, 2017

Hey there, y’all!
I trust this past week without me has been awesome for you! Um… I really hope that this summer challenge goes well for all of us? Here’s today’s prompt:

Week 10: An alien has just abducted you. 
Give three reasons why it would send you back to Earth

Unhealthy habits

So… I think that, you can already figure it out: I’m a pretty unhealthy person… I have such twisted prioritizing skills that I let myself sleep very late, and because responsibilities then catch up to me, I have to wake up early to waste my energy away for Work 1 and Work 2.

Then, when I’ve finally got a moment for myself, I let myself sleep very late, resulting in about 5-7 hours of sleep per night, and, the cycle resumes until my body finally can’t take it – because you have to factor in there my extremely horrible eating habits as well.

…and I become sick.

These aliens who abduct me will probably lose a lot of money/currency/time just to study the human race through me, because they’d have to maintain me alive, but I likely won’t be able to stay alive for a very long time with this life style.

“Neediness/Clinginess/High Maintenance”

After some time aboard their ship, I assume that I’ll have formed some kind of friendship with them. Or at least I’ll probably grow very dependent on how they need me alive.

And I’ll probably use that to my advantage.


“I HURT MYSELF, I HAVE A BOO BOO TAKE CARE OF ME PLZ!” Altaria and I recently talked about how, whenever the kids get hurt, they usually make a huge scene out of it, and we always downplay their bobos as much as possible, to calm them down, which isn’t necessarily the same as asking them to “suck it up,” don’t you get that mixed up. We understand their pain and their surprise about getting hurt, but we don’t want them to linger on their pain either. They need to move on. And yet, whenever she gets hurt, she also makes a scene of it. I rarely show them me getting hurt, though when it happens, I rather OVERplay my hand, to show them how ridiculous they are when they do that, or I just DOWNPLAY it as much as possible. Like when I stabbed my hand with a knife, last week. However, all of that changes when I’m home. My siblings YOUNGER THAN ME take very good care of me when I’m sick. LeafeonJolteon and Flareon cook for me, because they know of my incredibly horrible cooking habits, but also because they know I have no time to take care of cooking.

Would the aliens be able to continue on with their activities if they had to take care of clingy old me? I don’t think so…


Not only that, but I am extremely uninteresting? If you can think of the blandest character of a fiction ever, I think I would be more boring than that.

I don’t think I have any very original stories to tell? I live through this very normal life, which at least one other person has live through, I’m pretty sure. Stories of the kids? Original? Not really, if you ask Munchlax, she’ll have so many more stories to tell you. Stories about fandoms? I can tell you that other people have a lot more stories about those than I am. I rarely stray out of my comfort zones!

And so, when they realize that this little tiny human they’ve abducted can’t get them anything interesting, they’ll either kill me, send me to some kind of human zoo in order to entertain them with my extremely boring stories, or they’ll probably send me back to Earth.

…or sell me to some other alien race…


ponyta_crystalAnyways, that’s it out of me!
See y’all later!


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