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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 11)

by on July 10, 2017

June 3rd, 2017

Hey there,
How are you doing? We are now at Week 11 of our Summer Challenge Prompts! This is going on strong, I would say. I just finished two other posts, and this one is the second to last one that I would need to finish before… maybe moving on to something else, like a drawing challenge that Munchlax asked if we wanted to try out, or maybe a photography challenge she also asked us if we wanted to do yesterday. I would probably post the former on my Tumblr, and the latter on my Instagram, though, I’m not quite sure.

What’s this week’s prompt, anyway?

Week 11: If you could indulge in anything 
without consequences, what would it be?

…For some reason, my mind instantly wanders towards food…

All right, well, y’all know that I’m a horrible cook. This means that my life really, really, really sucks when my sisters, JolteonFlareon or Leafeon aren’t there to basically feed me. Mind you, it sucks, but it’s not an impossible situation either, I’ve been thrown in such before, and I’ve managed quite all right to fend off hunger [whenever I remember to eat]. If I could indulge and there’d be no consequences to my health, I would probably only eat instant noodles, at least every week. You’ve no idea how much I love it.

I guess I’d also get some fast food, because man, french fries and veggie burgers are also very, very yummy [If I could indulge in anything, I’d probably be pigging out to food and stuff that I love; the kids know that I love chocolate, so they keep teasing me about how I shouldn’t be only eating chocolate and candies, they’re hilarious]. With my pretty difficult schedule, I think you can understand that I wouldn’t have time to cook, and I need stuff that’s easy to make, and fast to make, in-between lessons and works.

I guess another thing I’d indulge in would be… being more honest. I think I’ve said it before, perhaps in the most 30 Day challenge we’ve done [althought I can’t remember which day exactly], but I have difficulties with communication. Especially towards communicating what I need. Whether it’s because I don’t want the person to feel obliged, or because I don’t want the person to be bothered by what I want, or because I don’t trust in our friendship, in our relationship, to believe that they would accept my thoughts, I have difficulties saying out loud, or even in written form, directly, what I want.

There’s, forever, the fright of being rejected for these thoughts [I think we shouldn’t see each other anymore], because I over-analyze and I over-think, and I over-worry about how it comes across. It’s very important to me to be politically correct most of the time, so I find it so difficult to express myself [I don’t want to receive anything, anything, please understand. Let me be selfish for once], or to really form an opinion. I can’t be direct [Talk to me. Haven’t you noticed? I am always the one who has to reach out. I’m tired of this. You’ve got to do your part too. Nevermind, I’m not important enough anyway. That’s how you make me feel, and that’s probably how I make you feel too, we’re great. We’re doing great.]. It also is difficult, because my thoughts are constantly evolving or changing, or struggling to stay the same, depending on the situation and on what I’ve learned… communication is so difficult. If I could indulge and say what I wanted to say [you annoy me a lot, stop talking, come back to me when I’ve calmed down. Please.], and get away with it, I’d probably do that, too.

All righties, this was almost my final post?!
All that’s missing is Week 8! And then I’ll be done with the Summer Challenge!
I wonder if I should grab another 15 weeks for a Fall Challenge or something…
And then follow up with a Winter Challenge…
And then with a Spring, and another Summer Challenge…
This is an interesting idea, one I shall flesh out once I’m done with Week 8, I’m afraid!
ponyta_pinball Ponyout! ponyta_pinball


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