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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 12)

by on July 17, 2017

May 2nd, 2017 

Hey there, everybody!
How’s it going! I trust this week finds you in a good mood, and in a great shape! I am almost certain that I cannot say so for myself, especially since this will be the first post scheduled after Otakuthon. I hope that this convention will go well this year also??! Especially since there are so many concerts we’ll have to go to?!

Week 12: You have to design a cocktail or drink after yourself 
(alcoholic or non-alcoholic). What ingredients are in it, 
and what would you name it?

I don’t drink alcohol? As a matter of fact, I can count the number of times I’ve ingested alcoholic beverages on one hand, and it was just as reluctantly as it was a little sip.

The first time was at the senate in France [I don’t even know if it was really the senate, but it was a pretty important place with ambassadors and stuff? I was a teen, okay, I just followed and listened so I wouldn’t get in trouble], when I was still a teenager [champagne tasted weird, and a bit like apple juice by my poor recall skills], and the other was when I reached 25 years of age, and my uncles and aunties said that I should indulge in one thing at least that they do, at least, if they couldn’t possibly live to see me married off [it’s a running gag in my family; also red wine tasted meh].

For that reason alone, I would be a non-alcoholic drink.

As a person who cannot trust her own taste buds and doesn’t know her way around flavour world, you’ll have to excuse my inability to string together ingredients. I’ll probably be naming things from the top of my head.

For example, just because I love mango juice or almost anything mango, I would probably put some mango juice into the beverage, and I would probably add some citric juice as well (lemon, preferably, because it’s bitter, and that represents me, because I’m a bitter person in general). Another type of preference would be peach juice, I really liked it, even though I don’t drink it as much anymore, anything that doesn’t have grape juice in it?

In terms of nationality, if it has to be me, I think I’d also put in some maple syrup, just because it represents me as a Canadian. As far as I know, the only beverages I remember from my time in Vietnam were black coffee (not good, I’m not a coffee person, I got a stomach ache the first time I drank some) and aloe vera juice, I would maybe put into the cocktail some aloe vera juice to make it the Vietnamese part of my heritage.

The name of the drink? The Horse on FireGood Luck surviving this? I’m not sure how else to name it, haha!

ponyta_platinum_actionAll right! I’m going to get going now!
See you all later, my dear readers!
Thanks for reading today!
What about you? What drinks represent you?


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