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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 13)

by on July 24, 2017

April 26th, 2017

All righties, people!
How are you all doing? This month is coming to a close, but don’t worry, the Weekly Summer Challenge, for some reason, will still continue on until… probably the end of August.

Week 13: Name a fictional character or monster 
you would love to have as a friend. 
Why do you think they would be a good friend to you?

Since currently, I’ve been watching Little Witch Academia, I want to say that I’d want to be friends with Ursula or Lotte, probably for different reasons, although at first glance, you might say my love for the megane may factor into this decision of mine.

I think that I can relate to the student, and, because of that, I’d want to befriend her and support her if she’s got any trouble with having to deal with Sucy and Akko‘s strong personalities clashing so often. Lotte is nice with everyone, so I think she’d pretty much be nice to me too if I were to become a character into the series. In the recent episodes, she’s been pretty much… pushed to the sidelines? As Akko is learning more about the words that she needs to unlock, she’s been bonding with Diana, with a lot of other witches, and this could be detrimental for her friends Sucy and Akko, but not always, because we do get to see Akko spend her time with her friends.

Meanwhile, despite seemingly being a completely klutz, Ursula is actually Chariot, unbeknownst to the main character, Akko, so far. The teacher would be a great ally to have on your side, because she knows divination and astronomy and extremely strong spells, I find? It’d be a pretty powerful thing to have since she can help you out in these things. She seems to be a very sweet and caring person as well, going so far as to choose mentorship over a failing student, because she felt a certain kinship towards Akko, it seems. I think she’d be a great friend also because of the amount of empathy she’s able to show us, and the level of patience she has. Because you know your girl Ponyta here needs people with patience around her, because she’s got none at the end of the day. Not only that, but the other thing is that we have something in common: we chose the career of education? So we could always share anecdotes, that’d be super cool. She is an incredibly very badass witch who can take down a lot of her enemies. When she removes those glasses and begins to fight against the magic of Croix?! That was so freaking awesome. So in the event where your dangerous Ponyta gets into trouble, I guess, if I wouldn’t mind asking her [we’d probably need to be very, very tight for me to do that. It’s so difficult to ask for a friend to help you out, for yours truly, I have pretty severe trust issues, haha], I would probably ask for Ursula to come to my help.

I feel like I’d be great friends with Pearl as well [another show that I’ve been watching, recently, because I can’t help it; I can only think of stuff of things that I’ve been watching recently], despite the fact that I don’t approve of a lot of things that she’s done in the name of protecting Steven (Steven Universe), she’s a gem who is learning how to be, she’s continuously learning, the way all of us are. This is why Pearl would be a good friend? Because you still love her and accept her the way she is, and you can learn alongside her, she won’t judge you for your mistakes, at least, I don’t think she would with mine. She’d also help me clean up, because she likes a clean space, and because I am unable to keep my room from becoming a pigsty, apparently.


All right, that’s out for now!
See you all next time!
Ponyta’s Out 


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  1. Sounds like two solid choices for friends! Haha I can only imagine Pearl’s face lighting up after being asked to help you tidy your room! She would be ecstatic.

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