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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 14)

by on July 31, 2017

May 2nd, 2017

Hey there, everybody!
How’s it going? The month has arrived! The Weekly Summer Challenge started this week (yesterday, as a matter of fact), and I really really would like for this blog to have at least a few of the prompts done before I begin to go into “hiatus”.

Week 14: If you find yourself in Oz, what would you do different than Dorothy?

Whew, this is a funny one…?

So prior to writing this post, what did I know of The Wizard of Oz? That it’s an American story about a girl – Dorothy – who grew up in Kansas with her aunt and uncle, who, because of a tornado (?), got her house snatched up from the sky and landed into the realm of Oz, where she performs a few feats with her newly acquired friends, namely a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion [each of them would have their own little reasons as to why they wish to find the Wizard of Oz, and eventually, they become the leaders of their own little groups (?)], that earn her the knowledge that her shoes, when she clicks them 3 (?) times, can teleport her anywhere she’d like. She also defeated the Wicked Witch of the West, whose weakness was water.

If I had been in Dorothy’s place, I would probably hole myself up in my house from Kansas and open up a Heroes for Hire type of shop. I’d probably go visit the Wizard of Oz out of curiosity? And if I learned about the Wicked Witches of the North, West, and East, I’d probably not do anything? Just because… I’m just one person, what can I do? Especially since I haven’t got powers like the Good Witch of the South, and I’m just some kind of outsider, still learning about the politics and the goings-on of this new neighbourhood I moved into. Give me a couple of years of studying and I’ll probably whip myself into shape in order to face the Wicked Witches…

Maybe, as a person who likes to be prepared – but is also pretty lazy – I’d probably prepare my house for invasion? And I would have contingency plans for when/if one of them Wicked Witches chose to take my dog Toto away from me. If that happens, I’d probably march right up there and demand to have my dog back.

Otherwise, I think that I could also be dead long before they even come get me. I’d die of starvation before I got the courage to go outside and scourge for some grub (I don’t think my inabilities in the kitchen to have changed by then), or maybe I’d muster up the courage to go outside, but my horrible luck would have me get eaten or stomped on, or maybe I’d just be so nervous about having to interact with the inhabitants, that I’d get a heart attack [I don’t think I’d be good friends with a lion? And if I get scared so often, would I be able to withstand a scarecrow?!].

All righties, I’m gonna get going now!
See you all later, be good and take care!
ponyta_back_gbc Ponyout 


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