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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 15)

by on August 7, 2017

April 25th, 2017

Hey there, guys and girls and non-binary readers!
How are you all doing?! I know that this was supposed to be a summer challenge, but Flareon‘s book had so many cool prompts that I just couldn’t resist?! So hopefully this will be the last of the prompts for “summer” for now. We’ll probably get back to it later on, with new prompts!

Week 15: Name something you wish had a remote control that currently doesn't

This one’s fairly easy. I technically have two or three “things” [or maybe they should be called concepts, and I’m certain that others have thought about this as well] I’d love to have a remote control of… because it’d be hella convenient for me if I would have these. But I also understand that I can’t, because it wouldn’t be good for a human to selfishly control these with a remote control. We’re fickle things, you and I, so we wouldn’t necessarily control these concepts for the greater good, so much as for our own good.


Need a few more minutes to finish your exam? Need a few more days of vacation? You could just hit the “PAUSE” button and finish your exam (although, come on, you’ve had your time, you shouldn’t give yourself more time when others are bound by Time as well). I don’t know how it would work, if you pause an entire day for several days. Does time now flow for everything? Water would stop flowing, people wouldn’t be breathing for a while – not that it matters, I mean, probably, they’d still be alive since their frozen lungs wouldn’t need the oxygen? Maybe?

…This is an interesting concept, more research to be made later.

But yes, how cool would that be? If you need to undo something that you’ve done wrong, you could hit the “REWIND” button, or if you had to endure an entire lecture on miss-use of time management, you could just “FORWARD” the lecture!


Similarly to TimeSpace would also be something great to ‘bend’ to our whims. I am such a lazy person that I don’t like travelling. I don’t like the idea of walking, although I ironically do enjoy good public transportation, just because it’s good for the environment.

So if I could somehow Teleport myself using a remote control that can save up to 4-5 spots in the world, it would be awesome. Of course, I know it doesn’t work like that, but it would still be mighty fun to look at!


I had been a fan of this show called Vampire Diaries a couple of years back, according to my “On This Day” feature on Facebook. While I’ve never really liked Vampires as much as I liked the other Magical Creatures, now that I think about it, the Vampires within the universe of that particular TV show had something that I very much admired: the ability to turn off their emotions. Of course, it turns out that a Vampire without emotions is pretty much a psychopath who doesn’t care about how many people they kill and how hurtful they are towards others only to achieve their very selfish goal.

Do I want to become a robot? 

Are you going to become selfish? 

Are you an idiot? 
Definitely maybe.

What makes us human could arguably be these emotions, be what these emotions give us the strength, the impulse, the restraint, to do certain things [it could also be a sense of survival, but I’m not a professional, I wouldn’t be able to confirm any of what I’m saying], so why would I wish to turn them off?

Just because, sometimes, don’t you feel like you’re feeling a bit too much? It overwhelms you, you can’t sleep, you can’t stop thinking about it, about someone, about something. It gnaws at you until finally, perhaps you fall asleep, but perhaps insomnia was a blessed curse all along, because then you fall into a deep nightmare from which you awaken, even more exhausted as you’d been if you’d simply stayed the whole night up. It takes over your figurative heart, so much so that you could be choked with the emotions you can’t express in anything but the tears spilling from your eyes.

It’s not that I wouldn’t feel anything all the time, either it’s just that when I feel too much, I’d like to be able to either “fast-forward” through them, or “pause” and maybe “delete” them all together. It feels like I would be able to focus more, that I would be able to make more logic-based decisions, rather than just impulsively hitting the “send” button, for example.

I’d be so lazy though, if I actually used those remotes to get all of the comfort that I desire. We wouldn’t be learning from our mistakes if we could fast-forward through the consequences and essentially live non of them (assuming that is how the remote control would work), how do you handle your emotions in a highly stressful situation, if you haven’t handled yourself before. How do you live if you don’t live in the present, where you are, and if you don’t feel anything, even if it’s too much? I guess I’m saying that even though I would love to be able to fast-forward through situations, hit pause to give myself the time to calm down, undo mistakes, rewind time, mute my feelings, I still don’t want to get to that level of comfort, because these things happen for a reason: to help me grow up as a person, whether or not I want to grow up, and maybe learning these things will help me help someone else grow up as well.

…or I could just learn from my mistakes and never grow up ever again and things will probably work out.

With all of that as my very hastily put together conclusion,
I beg you adieu for now!
See y’all later!
Be good, please and take care of yourselves!
ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_front2 Ponyout ponyta_hgss_overworld_shiny_front2 


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