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52 weeks of Blogging Challenge [Week 1]

by on January 1, 2018

October 14th, 2017 

image HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear readers!
How are you all doing? For this new step into our collective existence, I wish for everything good for us all! Unless that jinxes us, in which case, I should just… not say anything, right? Munchlax was telling me about this one blog challenge that sounded pretty interesting! My goal for this year is to try to finish a few challenges. After all, I have tried and spectacularly failed a bunch of them in 2017. I want to try to do better in 2018, and what’s better than to start with this one, which you can find here and here?

Week 1: Meet my best friend

We’re gonna start the week with a… very… different prompt than I thought we would have…

I’ve already mentioned my best friends in another blog post [here is a link to this particular one, just in case you haven’t read it or/and are curious]. That doesn’t start the 52 week blog challenge very well, doesn’t it? Worry not, however, my dears, I will try not to be too redundant. Nevertheless, you would have to understand that I’ll probably name these people yet again…!

First of all, because you just know that I’ll be talking about it: what’s friendship? What do consider as best-friendship? Why do I have so many candidates as my best friends, when this prompt calls for only one? Well I don’t always follow the prompts.

I think I’ve often told y’all how clingy I sort of am. Personally, I’m a very talkative person to those with whom I’m somewhat comfortable talking with [even with my best friends, though, I still struggle to talk about certain things… feelings, certain kinds of problems… and I’m working on that, but for now, yeah… but all of this to say that I don’t feel comfortable with lots of people, and I consider best friends those with whom I can talk to about anything and everything, even if I still have to work on telling them about other things later on]. This means that when someone I consider a really good friend doesn’t talk to me for a day, I sort of feel a bit sad. However, if I can get over it and we can pick up straight up where we left off when both of us are less busy with our respective lives, then I consider those pretty good friends!

I also think it’s important to find people who actually care about you, and who don’t just hit you up to ask you to do things for them, etc. In this day and age, I mean, aren’t we entitled to have these friendships where you can trust those friends with ‘dying on the inside’? Or when you don’t feel like you’re bothering those friends when you feel like you want to talk to them about something in particular?

You can depend on them to either listen to you and offer a shoulder to lean on, or to find solutions with you [that one’s a bit hypocritical, I don’t really expect them to find a solution, because I myself am not good at finding solutions, I just like to have someone that can listen to me without judgement], etc.

I think it’s also great when you are friends and you have things in common to talk about. Sure, you don’t need to have 100% everything in common, that wouldn’t be entirely interesting, right? But it’s always nice to have something in common, whether it’s because you’ve been in the same school, that you share inside jokes, because you work together and can share anecdotes, etc.

So those people I’m naming over here, I think, will be fitting these particular criterion and who’ve somehow advanced to be in my ‘best friends’ circle, in my hierarchy of friendship.

Let’s see… my good friends would be:

PiplupGrowlitheBulbasaur, and Gengar… I think there are more but today as this post is currently being written, that’s about it.

We’ve been great friends for awhile (four years and longer for the most part), and we still keep in contact somewhat regularly. We each initiate conversation without feeling like the other is not pulling off their social weight. What I mean by that is… as a socially pretty anxious person, there are often these kinds of thoughts that pop into my mind rather regularly: “am I bothering this person if I’m talking to them so much?” or “Am I starting to conversation every day too often?

No, with these people, I’m not always the first one to message, and I don’t feel like I bother them all the time. They don’t feel the need to answer me quickly and I don’t always feel the need to answer them immediately either. There’s absolutely no pressure [although now that I’m sort of talking about it, I fear I might start to pressure myself into having no pressure]. It’s not like they would always wait for me to only start the conversation when they themselves know I feel uncomfortably always subconsciously remembering  that I’m the one who initiated the situation for the 10th time in a row.

Additionally, I love giving them favours, and I can feel comfortable enough around them that I can trust that they won’t take advantage of the fact that I can’t say “no” to help. I don’t feel obliged to say “yes” and they are completely all right when I’m not comfortable helping them out or when I’m otherwise unavailable. They often help me ground my expectations of what I can and can’t do. It helps, you know, since most of my body is wired towards “poor self-preservation” skills.

We also share different common interests (as you’ll have read in that one other post), and when we converse, we listen to each other, we cheer each other on, and we do hope for the best. We laugh together and we game together. And it’s amazing.

I say all of these like they’re perfect friendships, that we don’t ‘fight,’ but I’d also like to highlight that sometimes, there are fights, and it’s important that we learn to communicate (which is why I think it’s important that these particular friends make me feel awesome), and fix our own mistakes or misunderstandings, because we work towards maturing together.

All right, that’s gonna have to be about it out of me today!
I’ve got to start writing a lot more on this blog since the review blog is almost dead.
See you all later!

(๑’•ﻌ•)ฅ━☀ *:’.;*`, Ponyout! 


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