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About me

[from my Tumblr page]

I’m very basically an insignificant person who has way too much imagination… This will, undoubtedly, lead me to many adventures, but… I also have many unfinished adventures that I wish to… well… finish. 

Nice to meet you! And hope to hear of you soon 🙂

– Links – 

Collaborations by me and other friends

  1. CanonD (deviantArt, Smackjeeves)
  2. Velpia (DeviantArt,, Smackjeeves)
  3. Endless Chronicles (Freewebs)

Find me via

  1. Deviantart 
  2. Smackjeeves 
  3. DrunkDuck
  5. Twitter 
  6. Formspring 
  7. MyAnimeList 
  8. Goodreads
  9. Tumblr
  10. Tapastic


  1. My personal pokedex
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