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Categories Explained

Until now, I have a few categories on this blog.

Thoughts – Sometimes, I will just drop by and talk about things I’ve been wondering about. Or some random confession I feel like I can afford to get off my chest.

Obsession – As a fangirl of many fandoms, I have a lot of things I obsess [in the positive side, I mean. I don’t… go all the way to STALKING!] about.

Quizzes A sub-category of obsession [updated, I try, once per month] is my love for quizzes. It can be any type of quizzes which I share with you guys. Some of them are funny, some of them make me think/ponder/wonder, some of them just are disturbing, some of them I was surprised, etc. Feel free to ignore this category. Really, it feels like I mostly post this here for Future Me (see if I’ve changed since then, you know?)

My story with this can be traced back to the time that I started

Well, this is all! See you later!

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