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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 8)

April 26th, 2017

Hello there!
How are you all doing? I trust this month of June is coming along well, and that there will be less trouble than there’s been over the past few days. May we have a peaceful, un-negatively-eventful days and summers.

…of course, how can it be calm, serene, and stuff, if we’re talking about ‘murder game mystery,’ such as this one, for the evening?!

Week 8: Plan a "murder mystery" dinner party. 
Create the dinner menu and the guest list, and design the murder plot.

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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 7)

May 13th, 2017

Hey there, all!
How are you doing? I’m not sure how I’m doing, we have so many things to talk about: Steven Universe‘s bomb made me go through all these feels, and I’m so sad… I’m really hoping for Lars to have a really good redemption arc…

Week 7: Create ten all-new funny scratch and sniff stickers. 
Describe the image and smell.

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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 6)

April 30th, 2017

Hey there,
How’s it going? We’re already at Week 6, I can’t believe it! We’re really doing it. We’ve done it. We’ve survived the month of May?! I can’t believe we did, especially since I’ve been dreading the month of May 2017 so much [so many of the children are going to leave at the end of May?! And I’m not ready whatsoever to let them go, but they’ve got to go… so I should stop… pining over the fact that they’re leaving me and never will remember me… based on the fact that I have such a horrible memory that I don’t truly remember my educators and teachers in elementary school and in preschool].

Week 6: Create three original screen names and passwords that the Easter Bunny 
may use when logging in to check his email.

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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 5)

May 8th, 2017

So, how’s everyone doing?
I trust your month of May is coming along well. As for me, at this point of the month, I’ll have lost two kids from the work place, they’ll be moving on towards their summer vacation, before they begin school again. I will miss them incredibly. I can’t even… At any rate, I can’t focus on that, let’s talk about randomness…?!

Week 5: Write ten original thoughts that will be stuffed inside 
fortune cookies for perfect strangers to read.

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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 4)

May 13th, 2017

Hello there!
How are you all doing? So, I was looking through this blog, and I found that this next week, my third post will be… published onto the blog. It doesn’t have a back-up, because I have been busy-ing myself with applications and graduation stuff. I’ve decided to take a pause from gaming (because that has been going on as well, if you haven’t noticed) and finish up on some posts.

Week 4: Name one thing you wish your cell phone did for you 
that it currently does not.

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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 3)

April 30th, 2017

Hey, y’all!
How’s it going? I hope your day’s doing well, and that the summer is treating us all equally well. Hopefully. I thought I had been so ready for the summer, but I no longer am certain, haha. It started to rain again and it was so cold as well, today, when it should’ve been a lot warmer for a spring day.

Week 3: If you wrote a song about your love life, 
what would the title be? Write the first verse.

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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 2)

April 30th, 2017

How-do-y’all do?!
I trust this second week of the Summer Challenge is coming along well for us all! Let’s see what prompt we’ve been given this week:

Week 2: Name the top ten things on your bucket list.

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Weekly Summer Challenge (Week 1)

April 22nd, 2017 

Hello there, everybody!
How are you all doing? I trust the month of May is going to treat us all well!! As for me, it means that it’s the month of the graduation for the kids, so I’ll be pretty stressed out – if I’m not already (I’m pretty stressed). With MunchlaxBayleef and Charmander (and hopefully, Mewtwo if we can somehow manage to get her to participate), we’ve decided to do this challenge, where, once per week, we’ll be posting a prompt, until the end of the summer! I’ve decided, as a way to either make the day Blues worse, or make the beginning of the week somehow BETTER, to publish these prompts every Mondays. Let’s hope I can make it through! Here’s the first week’s prompt:

Week 1: While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. 
What would it say? Who would you like to find it?

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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 30)

March 19th, 2017 

Hey there everybody!
We’re at the very end of the Challenge! WE’VE SOMEHOW SURVIVED?! If all goes well this is the first challenge I’ve successfully finished in a long while, so… it’s time to celebrate… by finishing it… probably:

Day 30: Your preferred method of communication

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Journal – About Me April Challenge (Day 29)

April 29th, 2017

Hey there, Readers!
How are you all doing? I hope it’s going well, because, today’s prompt sounds pretty “happy“? Here it is:

Day 29: A happy moment

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