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May Journal Prompts (Day 31)

April 11th, 2018 

*blink* Did we… did we actually make it to the end of the month of May, and thus, the actual end of this challenge??!!! Really??!!! I can’t believe it!

All right, without any further ado, let’s see what kind of prompt we have today:

Day 31: The best thing that's happened this month

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May Journal Prompts (Day 28)

May 22nd, 2018 

Hey there everybody!
How are you all doing? This post finding you all right?

Meanwhile, on my side – and you should totally ignore me for the next paragraph – I can see the end! And it’s very near! In about a week and a few days, give or take, there will be a memorable moment: the kids’ graduation! I can’t wait, because it means, on one hand, that I will finally be able to rest, after I’ve been carrying the weight of the whole graduation thing since September 2017, but at the same time – and I’m sure you would understand this, potentially – I can wait, because it means that the children will leave, and I won’t be seeing them again. And from experience, I already know what will happen, because last years’ kids are doing what I’m thinking these kids will next year: they’ll be too shy to want to talk to me, like I’m just another adult they don’t remember from their past. That’s exactly who I am, of course, but I don’t want to be face to face with that… so yeah… what’s today’s prompt, before I begin to spiral even more?

Day 28: A person you'd like to meet

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May Journal Prompts (Day 27)

May 27th, 2018 

Greetings, everybody!
How are you doing? I’m not doing so good after all, I’ve been trying to finish up a few of the previous posts preceding this one, but I have since failed miserably… so I will catch up today, and hopefully, I will be able to also schedule the one for tomorrow, because I won’t be alone much at all tomorrow.

What’s today’s prompt?

Day 27: Life goals in five sentences

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May Journal Prompts (Day 24)

May 2nd, 2018 

All right, so how’s it going today?
Y’all doing good? That’s great! Today’s the first rehearsal of the kids’ graduation. I suspect I will NOT be good [I do hope that you’re all doing well and that the day treats you better than it will be treating me], so I will just go ahead and start the prompt:

Day 24: How are you taking care of yourself?

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May Journal Prompts (Day 23)

May 1rst, 2018 

Hey there, everybody!
How’s this month been treating you? Around the time this post will be… well, posted, I will be very, very much knee-deep into stress-zone, because of the children’s graduation. It will be definitely not be as amazing, because I am not a stage person as my coworker from last year, Altaria, was (whereas this particular year’s coworker is… the opposite of her), but I will be doing my best… I hope that you get to wherever you needed to be for this particular month, and if you haven’t, well, there still is a couple of days left to the end of it, you just hang in there! You can do it!

I remember yesterday – or the day before that – preparing a post for May 2nd, I think, and now, preparing this particular post, and we’re already in May. I am indeed very much LATE in the scheduling game, and that is pretty upsetting.

What’s today’s prompt about?

Day 23: Something that needs to change

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May Journal Prompts (Day 22)

April 20th, 2018 

Hey there, people of the Internet!
How’s it going? Today was a rough kind of day, sort of, but at least it will be over soon, so that’s actually a good thing. What’s today’s prompt looking like?

Day 22: The people who make you the happiest

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May Journal Prompts (Day 20)

May 20th, 2018

Hey there, people!
I’m so sorry???!!! I sort of lost track of time last week, because of how psyched I was at watching Deadpool 2, and then having a free day off of work due to Patriot’s Day (or Victoria Day, it depends who you’re asking?), that I did not have the time to properly prepare these last few days’ blog posts. I am slowly but surely catching up. It would be a shame, since I got this far, to just abandon the challenge three quarters through. What’s today’s prompt?

Day 20: Something you've learned from a mistake

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May Journal Prompts (Day 21)

April 15th, 2018 

Hey there, everybody!
Is this post coming at you at a good time? I really hope that you’re doing well! And I hope also that I’m doing well. Knowing me though, at this time of the year? It might not be as easy: graduation will be coming up in a couple of weeks, and it might be too unbearable [I am definitely not looking forward to this… BUT let’s not think about it now… what is the prompt today?].

Day 21: A recent good moment

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May Journal Prompts (Day 17)

May 15th, 2018

It’s been a long time! I hope you’re doing well! This post will reach you, and it’s a miracle that it’s been 17 posts so far (I’m hoping it’s been that many and that it will continue to be that many as well, actually). Without further ado, please let me show you what today’s prompt will be about:

Day 17: The songs in your life soundtrack

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May Journal Prompts (Day 16)

May 6th, 2018 

Greetings, dear Readers,
How’s it going? We’re gonna get there soon! We are halfway through the month of May! So far, how are things coming along? If they’re not looking so well, I’m cheering for you! If anything, school finishes in about a month! You can do this! Unless you have work, in which case, um… I’m sure there will be a holiday you can take a break from soon, right? My next holiday is May 21rst, for Victoria Day, or Patriot’s Day! I can’t wait, I have definitely been looking forward to it ever since I found out about it (yesterday).

Day 16: One quality you want to improve

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